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World leader in the Cognacs category, Maison Hennessy was founded in 1765. Owner of the largest and oldest reserve of the oldest eaux-de-vie in the world, Maison Hennessy is proud to offer great qualities of Cognac like no other. Some blends are made from eaux-de-vie over 200 years old! The 255 years old Maison is now celebrating the 150th anniversary of one of the most emblematic cognacs of all: the X.O. Emblematic symbol of Maison Hennessy, created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870, Hennessy X.O. is the Original. It has remained unchanged since its creation and with each tasting, it reveals its many facets. In order to celebrate such an outstanding anniversary, Maison Hennessy collaborated with world-famous architect Frank Gehry and revealed a magnificent limited edition for the pleasure of all fans. Here is a full review of this magnificent limited edition.

Hennessy X.O : A true legend in the Cognac world.

Hennessy X.O is the result of a legendary partnership. In 1870, Maurice Hennessy and cellar master Emile Fillioux could not imagine that the “extra old” blend – a cognac that Hennessy intended to reserve for those around him – would become history. This emblematic blend of the Maison Hennessy became very quickly the true definition of an entire family of cognacs and has definitely established all the standards of excellence that continues today.

The exquisite blend was adopted around the world very fast. First, the Hennessy X.O arrived in the USA in 1870 and has become there the symbol of quality, French art of living and elegance. Two years later, 1872, the X.O arrives in Asia and most precisely in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The uniqueness of this blend comes from the exciting contrast of graceful and complex eaux-de-vie. This alchemy gives cognac its intense amber hue, rich layering of flavours with extraordinary persistence in the mouth.

Hennessy X.O is the Symbol of timeless elegance and modernity

Everybody would agree that Hennessy X.O is the perfect cognac for all occasions. The fact that its inspiration never changed through time and trends never had an influence on the emblematic blend, the X.O found its place in many people’s homes and everybody enjoys drinking their cognac at more and more varied times. Are you celebrating a fantastic moment in your life? Or maybe a hard time? Or simply enjoying quality time with your friends and family. That’s the greatness of Hennessy X.O. A true witness of people’s important moments.

It is its versatility that, in my opinion, makes Hennessy X.O so contemporary and relevant today.” – says Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, 8th generation cellar master from Maison Hennessy.

The beautiful complexity of Hennessy X.O is a true invitation to awaken the senses. Its meticulous blend makes a very consistent cognac over time. We have rarely seen such a commitment from cellar masters to preserve its quality and signature. From the first carafe until today, Hennessy X.O presents its noble character that arouses taste sensations and still guarantees a very good length in the mouth.

The Hennessy X.O carafe is a contemporary icon of elegance for 73 years


It was in 1947 when Gérald de Geoffre, a member of the Hennessy family, had the idea to redesign the carafe of the Hennessy X.O. He created a distinctive decanter, instantly recognizable and as powerful as the cognac it contained. The Hennessy X.O carafe became a true revolution at a time when cognac was still marketed in so-called Charentaise bottles. Its curves were inspired by the counters of a bunch of grapes, a true tribute to the origins of the blend. As many iconic designs, it did evolve slightly throughout the years but kept the same overall spirit.

The X.O was for decades the inspiration of many artists. Faithful to the heritage of the characteristic bottle designed by Gérald de Geoffre for Hennessy X.O in 1947, Maison Hennessy has become synonymous with bold and radical contemporary design. Internationally recognized designers – including Marc Newson and Tom Dixon – have reinterpreted the multifaceted history of Hennessy X.O in highly sought after collector’s editions. Exceptional sizes, including the six-litre Methuselah, have inspired artisans and artists to create limited editions. Recently film directors like Ridley Scott were inspired by the tremendous story of the Hennessy X.O and created the film The Seven Worlds.

2020, the 150th-anniversary limited edition by Frank Gehry.


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Hennessy X.O., the Maison Hennessy is pleased to present a masterpiece created in collaboration with the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. The launch of Frank Gehry’s 150th-anniversary masterpiece is part of an international celebration of life and rebirth. It’s a way of bridging the gap between East and West, which goes hand in hand with Chinese artist Cai Guo Qiang’s live performance in Cognac. Millions of people around the world were able to follow the spectacular event live on the Hennessy website.


Hennessy and Frank Gehry share a common vision of a hopeful new world to honour the legacy of Hennessy X.O. with the creative genius of the design icon and to celebrate this “World Odyssey”. With his characteristic sculptural style combining gold and glass and inspired by the lands of Charente and Cognac, Frank Gehry reinterprets the emblematic bottle of Hennessy X.O. to honour the rich heritage of the Maison.

A leader in Cognac, Maison Hennessy has been recognized around the world for its exceptional know-how for over 250 years. Built on the spirit of the conquest of the founder Richard Hennessy, the brand is present in more than 160 countries. Based in the heart of Charente, Hennessy is also a solid pillar of the regional economy. The success and longevity of the house are based on the excellence of its cognacs, each of them being the result of a unique process of passing on know-how from generation to generation. Let’s celebrate the amazing story of Hennessy X.O and wish the Maison de cognac another 150 years of success.

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