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This month, an astonishing news came from the Netherlands. Chanel Administration comitee validated the financial results for 2012 and simply published them! So now we know how much the luxury Brand legend represents in terms of business. Check it out.

Mademoiselle Chanel

Chanel increased sales to 6.3 Billion$ (+7% vs previous year) for a net result of 1.53 Billion$. This means a profitability of 25% !!! In comparison, LVMH is 12% and Hermès is 21%. The operational result grew by 17% to reach 1.46 Billion$.
Chanel explained that the situation will be probably the same for 2013 as there were no specific big expenses. Another ridiculously positive figure is the value of its stock-options that were shared among the leader-executives. Their value went from 536$ in 2008 to 1836$ in 2012. This means that the company valorization multiplied by 3 in the last 4 years.
Of course there are no miracles. The French iconic house excels in several activities. From Fashion, that is pushing up the growth, to Fragrances, Jewelry, Timepieces, Leather accessories, make up and skincare, Chanel is a true Luxury house.

Chanel Fashion show

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Chanel Jewelry
Karl Lagerfeld is probably the most iconic fashion creator of his time, as his look is one of the most recognizable of the industry. His talent to preserve the Chanel style crossed decades and his journey with Chanel is not over at all.
For once, there are some good news coming from France.


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