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Luxury is not only about buying a very expensive item, it is above all enjoying an amazing experience. Cup of Luxury is completely aligned with this idea. Bryan-David Scott, Celebrity Coffee Chef is a Luxury Coffee Specialist and founded Cup of Luxury based on the best of the best. It is definitely a Brand for those seeking the ultimate coffee experience.

Cup of Luxury is rated the most exclusive international luxury lifestyle brand of coffee with coffees having been enjoyed by royals in Monaco, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophie of Spain, world-class chefs, connoisseurs, and coffee aficionados. Each coffee is handcrafted, five-star rated, roasted on order; and it is the only coffee company in the world to offer coffees graded from 96 points to 100 points. Unlike other brands that purport to be luxury lifestyle, Cup of Luxury is evidenced by the appearance (flawless coffee beans free of defects due to their QA standards to ensure each coffee is hand-picked, hand-washed, sun dried, inspected prior to exportation), aroma, appearance in the cup and ultimately by the taste. Cup of Luxury proposes one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, Bryan-David Scott, the founder, explains more about it below.


Bryan-David Scott, passion is his secret

Here is an exclusive interview from Bryan-David Scott, explaining what is behind Cup of Luxury: A lot of talent, passion and excellence at work. It is really impressive.

LuxuryActivist (LA): What is your Background?
Bryan-David Scott (BDS): My passion for cooking began when I was five. I wanted to eat some corn so … I took the corn, poured it into a plastic bowl then placed it on the glowing red stove. Seconds later amidst the fire alarm screaming for my mother’s attention, an obvious toxic fire and a well melted bowl covering the burner, my mom rushed in and carefully took over. She wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t angry. Instead, she showed me how to pour corn into a pot, what size pot was best then off to buy a new burner she went. Her love for cooking great food passed down to me. Fast forward a few years. Single dad raising three young boys (two in diapers), I needed a business where I could control my schedule. I became a U.S. furniture broker. Things were great until one day I began forecasting for 3Q 2006. Dismal. Bleak. Sinking ship. On point, the furniture industry collapsed by September. I had begun looking for opportunities. Coffee is what I believed would be the best industry to launch a new venture. So after a career in luxury design and furniture, I founded a specialty coffee brokerage service in Seattle—the coffee capital of the country—and eventually became an official coffee partner of the Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Sounders FC. My reputation among professional athletes and management extended to renowned chefs, celebrities, UHNWI’s and other VIP types–they came clamoring for my knowledge of luxury coffee, roasting and brewing–all of this inspired me to create Cup of Luxury, an exclusive luxury lifestyle brand of coffee that is direct-to-consumer and private membership focused.


LA: When did your passion for coffee start? 
BDS: As a boy, I spent about one-third of my time with my Grandma and Grandpa. One commonality my Grandma had with my mom was a love for coffee. I watched them place their cups on the table and pour the steaming coffee in. Grandma liked hers black, Mama liked hers with a splash of cream and the occasional spoonful of sugar. In both households I did my best to win approval for just a sip of their cherished morning brew. I began making an effort to taste coffee at the age of five. At this age my request was met with a firm, “No. You are too young.” I never gave up. Years later at the age of eight, I began sipping coffee. I fell in love with everything about it. Coffee was a part of my life from then on, however it was when I became a coffee broker when I discovered the vast differences in grades of quality. My passion for the perfect cup, demand for excellence, and my genuine love of people led me on a journey to find what could be deemed, “perfect coffee beans.” I discovered perfect coffees and have never looked back.

LA: Why did you create Cup of Luxury?
BDS: My reputation skyrocketed when we became an official coffee partner with the Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Sounders FC. NFL players, Major League Soccer players, management, broadcasters, journalists all stated that our coffees were the best they had ever tasted, that no brand of coffee before us had amazed them. I offered private tasting events and catering. Major League Soccer offered us the designation to be the official coffee of all Major League Soccer (in the end we declined because we realized that was not our market). Soon I began serving coffees to the rich and famous, celebrities, UHNWI’s and others that learned of our coffees. Oftentimes I was invited to provide private coffee service within rooms and suites of some of Seattle’s luxury hotels. I have had the honor of serving coffee to members in private meetings at prestigious clubs such as the Columbia Tower Club and Harbor Club. Though I was considered successful by others, I was not satisfied. I closed the doors on that first endeavor in 2010, and set my sights on creating an exclusive luxury coffee company. In 2012, I created Cup of Luxury because of the demand for luxury class coffees and my personal passion, knowledge and experience. While there are brands of coffee purporting to be luxury, when considering what defines luxury these brands fail to meet even one criterion. At Cup of Luxury, our coffees are rare and limited, handcrafted, five-star rated, roasted on order and carry a grade no less than 95 points with majority of them being 100 point coffees. Also, I wanted to create an exclusive members only club. With our Luxury Coffee Club members have a consistent selection of superb seasonal luxury coffees, members only opportunities and benefits. In short, I created Cup of Luxury because I knew with supreme confidence that what we have to offer cannot be paralleled.

LA: What are your criteria to choose an exceptional coffee? 
BDS: Luxury coffee, like excellent wine, has a crop cycle. At or around the seventh or eighth harvest is when coffees are at their peak. At Cup of Luxury, we pay a substantially higher price for green coffee to our partner-growers to ensure that we receive the top .1% of their crop. These are the coffees we offer. The consequence of this direct trade relationship with our grower-partners is that we preserve our quality standards and we are able to provide our clients with near perfect coffee beans (No defects. No broken pieces related to quality (in nine-years I have seen three broken beans and all were caused by me trying to overfill a bag for a client and the beans were broken from the pressure of my fingers sealing the bag).


LA: Are you Fair Trade / Organic labeled or do you have organic coffee in your catalog? 
BDS: I am pleased to state that because of our dedication to ensuring maximum profitability for our grower-partners, we exceed Fair Trade standards by significant margin. By virtue of the definition of organic coffees, every coffee we offer is organic (Our coffees are shade grown without pesticides). We know and understand that shade grown coffee production benefits biodiversity and conservation efforts. This is a vital aspect of our social responsibility.

LA: Where is your coffee roasted, grounded and packaged?
BDS: We are a small, family owned and operated, Seattle-based coffee company with a presence in Napa-Sonoma, San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. Orders are fulfilled in Seattle and Sonoma. Rarely do we receive requests for ground coffees, but when we custom grind for a client (French press, drip, single cup serving, espresso) we grind in Seattle.

LA: What is the membership you propose?
BDS: Our Luxury Coffee Club is an exclusive, members only private coffee club, In fact, it is the most exclusive coffee club in the world. Member benefits include official membership registry (Only 1,800 are available in the world); travel opportunities; private tasting events with me and other celebrity chefs; a shipment of at least three bags of exceptional and rare coffee each month; first rights to access exceptionally rare coffees (100 lbs. or less offered); access to the famed Cup of Excellence coffees; exclusive member only discounts on all club coffees and reorders; invitations to private regional tasting/cupping events including VIP access and personal introductions to celebrities/friends/clients of mine (details to be announced throughout the year); opportunities for clients to host their own private tasting event with me. At this time we are considering providing additional member benefits, DTBA.


LA: What is your preferred method to make the perfect cup of coffee?
BDS: I advocate strongly for a French press. This method allows for maximum extraction of all that a beautiful coffee has to offer. Contrary to what many believe, a French press is easy to prepare, takes less time to brew than other methods (four minutes) and delivers an immensely pleasurable cup. Having said this, I also appreciate a single cup pour over method as long as the extraction is slow; and I enjoy espresso and espresso-based beverages.

Cup of Luxury has a beautiful product portfolio. Each coffee is treated as a precious jewel and you can trust Bryan-David Scott to blow your mind and your senses. Visit the company website here and discover this exceptional world of coffee.



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