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Nidia Guzman is for sure a person you will always remember if you meet her once. She is passionate about everything she does, and her personality emanates very positive energy. She is definitely shaping luxury real estate in Atlanta by supporting her clients at all levels. She is also very active on Social Media, which brings a modern approach to real estate. Ms Guzman agreed to play the game of our exclusive interview that you can read here.

LuxuryActivist (LA): Dear Ms Guzman, you are a true reference in terms of luxury interior design and real estate. How did your vocation start? What is the philosophy you put into your work?
Nidia Guzman (NG):
I am originally from Bogota, Colombia and have been in the United States for 18 years now. I now have a beautiful family and my daughters are my biggest motivation. I first lived in Miami before I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In Miami, I studied real estate and have been a realtor since 2005. I am now one of the best five realtors in the city of Atlanta. I became interested in interior design when clients would ask for suggestions when they were buying their homes. My style is modern and minimalistic. My philosophy is to serve with professionalism and efficacy, with the best attitude to my clients.   

LA: From all the aspects of your work, which one is your preferred? And Why?
I love real estate and everything I am doing right now. I love how every house is different. I am passionate about how my clients make decisions and my favourite part is helping them make their dreams into realities.  


LA: Luxury interior design and real estate is booming and a lot of competition was formed. What would be your advantage and what do you do differently from your professional pairs? 
My advantage is my very capable and professional team, whose mission is to serve and give excellent service. We are always available for the people. We accompany them, guide them, and we’re there for them in every step. 

LA: What is the ideal customer for you? What are the first questions you ask? 
My ideal customer is everyone. Everyone is welcome at my company. I am here to serve the community. The first questions I always ask are: Why do you want to buy a house? What is the motivation behind your why? The reason to why I ask them questions is for them to enjoy the process and so I can get to know them better. Even if they don’t have a vision, I can help them create anything. 

LA: People are eager to access a luxury lifestyle within their homes or acquiring a luxury house. Why do you think this topic became such a heavy trend? What is fascinating about a luxury lifestyle? 
Everyone wants a luxurious lifestyle. Social media has made it so easy to showcase celebrities and what they have so it becomes a trend to have the feeling of status. What is fascinating about this trend is how I can add my personal touch to it.   

LA: Tell us something about yourself that not so many people know and it would be worth mentioning it? 
I played hockey for 6 years and not a lot of people know that. 

LA: What can we wish you for the future? 
Blessings, and more big projects on the way!

We wish you Ms Guzman all the best for the future and loads of happy customers. You can follow Nidia Guzman and contact her by clicking in one of the following links:

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