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Exceptional days require sometimes exceptional gifts. For this year’s fathers’ day, you can honor your dad by offering him a gift he will remember. Anchored in the heart of the Charente region in France, Hennessy spreads its exceptional know-how of more than 250 years of history around the world. The leader in cognac invites you to introduce your father to an incomparable cognac, the Extra Old also called X.O.


Hennessy is a story of artisans. From the vineyards to the bottle finishes, all the craftsmen cultivate a deep sense of pride in what they do. Their passion is humbling. And their mastery of their craft is absolute, for each and every one.

The quality of the eaux-de-vie used in Hennessy cognacs is the domain of the distillery manager. With his team of artisans, he leads the distillation process from top to bottom. From legal compliance to meeting our own strict standards. With in-depth knowledge of the region and the distillation process, tradition is respected, as is innovation.

An emblematic symbol of the Hennessy House, Hennessy X.O is the Original cognac. It has remained unchanged since its creation and with each tasting, it continues to reveal its multiple facets. It was in 1870 that Maurice Hennessy created it for his circle of friends and thus launched a new style of cognac.
The X.O is a harmonious blend of over a hundred different eaux-de-vies, from the Cognac region and carefully aged in young barrels in the Hennessy cellars. Deep and powerful, the Eaux-de-vie has the capacity to achieve a significant roundness over time.

The color of X.O, deep and intense amber, as well as notes of mahogany, are indicators of its power. Open and well balanced, the nose is full of rich aromas of black pepper and wild cocoa, sweetened by notes of dried fruit and canned with a delicately spicy hint. On the palate, it is immediately soft and powerful. This cognac is suitable for all occasions, whether tasted dry, with ice cubes, or even cut with a little water – there are no limits to indulging.


When you taste the Hennessy X.O., you are immediately stroke by the sweet notes of candied fruit. It is deep, round and pleases the palate. But the story does not end here. Soon, the heat start increasing. You get the full power of a beautiful eau de vie that has aged in oak barrels. At this stage we feel hints of black pepper wrapped into a dress of chocolate. The chocolate notes continue to grow while a sharp woody vanillic facet bursts into our story. The oak notes will remain for a ver longtime in the palate like a good memory remains in our mind.


In 1947, Gérald de Geoffre designed the first Hennessy X.O. decanter whose distinctive form is still familiar to us today. The design combines gentle curves and a powerful silhouette. It is also a tribute to the pyramid-like forms of the grape bunches that gave birth to the eaux-de-vie.

If you enjoy Hennessy X.O., you definitely need to add ice cubes to it. Water will reveal all the flavors within. Ice makes the greatness of this cognac a never-ending discovery.

For this Father’s day, do make sure your dad gets a fantastic gift that will show how important and precious he is for you.

José Amorim
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