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Discover the Evian Hotel L’Ermitage. Located between the Alps and the Leman Lake, it is an amazing place with everything you need to enjoy holidays, or like us, the perfect Sunday afternoon. LuxuryActivist team tried the Sunday Brunch and discovered a little beauty.

Leman Lake region, a precious gem for the pleasure of the eyes

The Leman lake area is probably one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. There are amazing cities like Lausanne and Geneva that offer everything you need for a great journey. But there are also other cities, on the French side of the lake that would require your attention, like Evian-les-Bains.

The city was pretty much unknown until the end of the 18th century. Only when the French Empire’s physicians discovered amazing virtues for the Evian’s springs in 1808, the city started developing. In 1809, the Evian Mineral water company was founded and by the end of the 19th century, this little city by the Leman Lake had more than 20 hotels. By that time, thermal water and mountaineering was a huge trend. By 1902, the Evian’s baths were constructed and since then Evian kept its status of a high class Spa destination. Today the city has a beautiful Golf parcours, which holds every year in September one of the most prestigious Female Golf competition: the Evian Masters Championships.
Among the different hotels of the region, there is the Evian Resort, grouping 2 hotels: the historical Royal Evian and the Evian L’Ermitage. These 2 hotels are the most prestigious institutions in this side of the lake. Last Sunday we decided to try the L’Ermitage Sunday brunch and frankly it is all worth it!

Hotel Evian L’Ermitage, Luxury in the heart of French Alps

From Lausanne, it is just 30mn by boat. After enjoying a beautiful boat trip on the lake, L’Ermitage sends you a free mini-bus to pick you up at the “Embarcadaire”. The Hotel is located in the highs of the city, so this generous service is essential and part of a relaxing moment. When you arrive at L’Ermitage, there are 2 things that strikes you immediately: the view and the building itself. Perched on the side of the mountain, the hotel has a perfect location to offer you one of the most beautiful views of the Leman Lake region. The building itself was constructed in the early 20th century and fully renovated by interior Architect Patrick Ribes in 2011. Today you will discover an amazing institution that kept the “caché” from the prestigious past in alliance with the contemporary modernity of a luxury hotel.

Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-cheminee Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-decor Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-games Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-institution Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-interior Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-journey
The ambiance is very authentic. Patrick Ribes used a combination of natural materials in order to bring a obvious harmony with the surroundings: stone, wood and glass. The usage of naturals colors of greens, browns and beige contrasts with deep red furniture, which brings a lot of style.

Hotel Evian L’Ermitage, Sunday is a great day!

Every Sunday, L’Ermitage proposes an amazing brunch. You can choose either a Brunch formula or there are very interesting combos with the Spa:

  • Brunch only 49€
  • Detente Minerale 88€ (Brunch + 20mn relaxing massage)
  • Detente Gourmande 112€ (Brunch + 50mn massage)
  • Detente en Duo 225€ (2 Brunches + 2 massages)

The brunch starts at 12:00 in the restaurant called La Table and lasts until 15:00. The spa opens on Sundays at 14:30 and proposes all types of massages, sauna, hamman, fitness and a Swimming pool (this one only available if you have a hotel room).
In the Brunch, everything is done to make you feel at easy. The room has a calm ambiance where you can chill-out and enjoy a dreamed Sunday afternoon. The personel is polite, efficient, discreet and take good care of you.
In terms of food, it is all fresh, well cooked and everyone can find something to eat. I cannot describe all the different food but here are the highlights:

  • Fois Gras with Gesiers Salad
  • Scallops and Shrimps salad with Olive oil
  • Chicken, White fish and Ravioles in cocotte
  • Sweet potatos and beef puree
  • Homemade Creme Brulée, Cherish pie, fruit and chocolates mousse
  • Fresh squeezed orange, Pomelo and Apple juice

Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-brunch-sunday Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage-brunch Hotel-Evian-L-Ermitage

All the food was presented in a dedicated area that would allow a good variety of choices. There was a person dedicated to check whenever food needed to be refilled. What did we miss? This is obviously very personal but here are some elements we would have expected to find:

  • Yoghurts, fresh milk, Cottage cheese
  • Breakfast cereals like müesli or cornflakes
  • Fresh cut fruit salad (there was fresh fruits but not in salad)

Naturally the definition of Brunch is always very personal from one person to another but by trying several of them around the world we end up with a pretty good definition of it. Make sure you book in advance your table as it is often quite full. The hotel restaurant has a great success on Sundays.
Once the afternoon get along, and your brunch is over, you can enjoy the rest of the services available at the hotel. The spa and the wellbeing area is available from 14:00 to the end of the day. It is a pity that the Swimming pool is not available to external customers (only if you have a room). During this winter season, there is a fireplace working in the bar area where soft chairs and loads of board games are available. There is even a Pool table (billiard) and a baby-football table. For couples with children, there is a small yet complete area with children games. Basically you have enough to enjoy a stylish and relaxing ambiance. Some arm-chairs are also strategically positioned to get you the perfect view while reading your preferred newspaper or magazine. The property in which the hotel is located has a size of 19ha so enough to enjoy a peaceful walk. The professional Golf track is also available under certain conditions. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the Hotel website here:

In conclusion we definitely recommend the Evian L’Ermitage hotel, for holidays, a short week-end or just the Sunday brunch. Evian-Les-Bains is only 45mn away from Geneva and 30mn away from Lausanne (by boat). It is a marvelous place to allow you enjoying the relaxing luxury lifestyle of Savoie.



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