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The luxury yachting industry is the latest industry looking to lessen its ecological footprint. While a sustainable future of yachting may have once been considered impossible, there has been immeasurable growth for greener, more eco-friendly alternatives over the past few years.

With strong demand from buyers and those chartering yachts, shipyards, designers and engineers have implemented advanced sustainable solutions without compromising a yacht’s luxury appeal.

Through innovative technologies, ocean preservation and yacht sharing, to name just a few, boat owners can help preserve the Earth for future generations. Read on to discover the latest sustainable yacht trends for 2022. 

Sustainable Yacht Trends 2022

The Future of Yachting: sustainability  

Following the demand for sustainable yachting trends 2022, nearly every major yacht builder and charter company has promised to protect the environment. Today, the industry is pushing the boundaries of convention more than ever before, creating greener hybrid yachts, motorboats that utilise hybrid propulsion systems while opting for sustainable onboard habits.

While the ultimate goal for the future of yachting – a superyacht that leaves no trace of fuel – is still a way off, hybrid yachts are becoming increasingly popular with yacht owners who want a vessel with sustainable credentials. Hybrid yachts can reduce the use of fuel-burning engines and generators while minimising their environmental damage.

Other sustainable yacht trends for 2022 include the increase in multi-hull yachts. This style of yacht is growing in popularity since these vessels are considerably more efficient than their single-hulled counterparts. 

Onboard habits are also changing for the future of yachting, with many yachts now boasting eco-friendly designs and even culinary offerings that utilise produce grown onboard. 

Many of the latest superyachts are now utilising onboard kitchen gardens, which provide a plethora of freshly grown organic produce for the crew’s culinary team. However, for items that cannot be grown onboard, yacht crews are encouraged to source locally grown, organic produce wherever they can in the world, meaning guests are not only treated to tasty and sustainable menu offerings but are offered dishes that are highly unique and varied too. 

Other impactful changes for the future of yachting include harm-free cleaning products and eco-friendly designer furnishings, opting for more environmentally conscious furnishings instead of the traditional materials such as teak. 

SILENT 55: The latest solar-powered catamaran

Today, superyachts are created to be so highly efficient and environmentally friendly, with some vessels becoming entirely fuel free. One such yacht is SILENT 55, a solar-powered catamaran that offers everything you need for a stylish yet sustainable getaway at sea. 

Winner of the 2019 “Best of Boats” award in the category “Best for Travel,” this state-of-the-art vessel includes a host of sustainable features, including the safest marine propulsion system, zero-emission, noiseless cruising, little maintenance and unlimited range solar panel driven engines. Her solar-powered engines ensure SILENT 55 has an unlimited range, with little worry about running low on fuel, while her top speed of 20 knots ensures exceptional ocean-crossing capabilities. 


SILENT 55 is not just beautifully engineered, but the eco-friendly yacht possesses voluminous proportions, including four spacious cabins that can comfortably sleep up to eight guests, or six guests with two crew members. In addition, each cabin boasts a luxurious bathroom offering unparalleled privacy and convenience. 

The spacious saloon offers an idyllic space to unwind and enjoy quality time with friends and family, including comfortable seating and dining space, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Not forgetting to mention, SILENT 55’s exterior deck offers plenty of room for indulging in the Mediterranean’s year-round sun on the sun pads, trampolines, or the outdoor dining areas. 


Other highlights of this eco-friendly yacht are its hydraulic retractable roof on the flybridge, affording 360-degree sea views, a lowerable bathing platform for afternoon dips in the emerald seas, and a high-speed tender boat for all your shore adventures.  

The Future of Yachting: Shared Yacht Ownership 

The future of yachting is looking a little different, with yacht owners opting to co-own their choice of vessel with other shareholders. With the average yacht owner using their yacht 4-6 weeks per year, spending large sums on mooring costs, maintenance, running fees, as well as emitting harmful waste back into the oceans all year round, a yacht share offers an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to enjoy all the charms that a yacht offers but at a fraction of the usual price.

As the latest sustainable yachting trend for 2022, shareholders are matched based on personal usage, desired locations, and yacht preference. Once shareholders are matched with suitable co-owners, yacht owners can enjoy all the benefits of yacht sharing with first-class support both on land and at sea.

It is without question that the future of yachting is changing for the better. For more information on yacht sharing, contact an experienced yacht broker and start planning your next low-impact cruise. 

Ella Neale
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