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While you may wish to experience the luxurious side of life, you may not think you have the budget to make it possible. The good news is that there are ways to get a taste of the high life without clearing out your bank account. You just need to be a bit clever and think of less costly ways of indulging.

Hire or rent

You’ll probably be aware of the fact that limousines and supercars can be hired for special occasions, but you might be surprised to learn about some of the other luxury items it’s possible to rent. Always fancied having a yacht? You might not have the wherewithal to purchase one, but you can rent a night on a luxury yacht and experience the tranquillity and opulence for yourself. If you like the thought of having some diamonds or a Rolex to flash, you can hire expensive jewelry and designer watches by the day, and the same is true of designer dresses and suits. Have a browse on the web to see what is available for hire or rent close to you, or at your destination if you are traveling. You can also rent art and sculpture by the week to give your home a touch of refinement. Renting an apartment in a stately home could be a way of getting the prestigious address and the feel of living in your own mansion, at a more affordable price.


Buying smart

If you are looking to buy rather than hire, make use of resale websites where an amazing array of top quality products, including clothes, are often available at bargain prices. You might not have the cash to splash on a Bentley or a McLaren supercar, but you can pick up a very nice used Polo Vivo for example. An older model of a more prestigious make is going to make you feel a lot more special than a brand-new bargain basement vehicle.

Bargain bookings

There are luxury packages to be had for a bargain at some five-star hotels and restaurants, where you can buy a pre-set hotel room/excursion package for a reduced price, or book a set menu. You can also compare prices for bookings made out of season, or very early and last-minute bookings. Sunday nights are often the quietest of the week to see if a restaurant you’ve always wanted to dine in has any special offers. The same goes for holidays to exotic locations, with some websites specializing in finding bargain luxury trips. Don’t be afraid to sign up for alerts on daily deal websites, as they often have luxury goods, spa treatments, weekend breaks and specialty trips available at greatly reduced prices for limited periods.

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, and there are opportunities to experience the better things in life even when you don’t have a massive income. Who knows, the chance to find out how it feels to live the lifestyle might be just the motivation you need to change direction in your life!


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