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It’s the latest travel trend, an Internet buzzword that more and more people are embracing. The staycation invites you to experience the benefits of a luxury break without so much as hopping on a train. There are many benefits to this latest craze. For one thing, staycationers get to enjoy all the perks of being on holiday – freedom, pampering and sightseeing to name a few – without the stresses of travelling. A holiday in your hometown will also open your eyes to what’s on your doorstep; you might have lived in a place for many years, but have never been able to appreciate your surroundings from a tourist’s perspective. A staycation allows you to see your hometown through fresh eyes. With this in mind, here’s how to plan the perfect luxury staycation.

Consider What YOU Want

Chances are you work hard, or perhaps life has just gotten too much and you need a break. Whatever your reason for planning this staycation, it is your time to relax, unwind and hit the “refresh” button, so make it count. Decide what you want without thinking about anyone else: do you want to stay in the city so you can wander the markets in the mornings, head to your favourite restaurants in the evening and be close to friends and family? Or would you rather head to the outskirts of your town and stay somewhere more remote for a few days? Consider whether you need this time for yourself, or if you will enjoy it more with friends or your spouse.

Check Into a Boutique Hotel

Grab your laptop and research the best luxury hotels in your hometown. Chances are, you’ve never stayed in any of them, so now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Who says you have to be somewhere sunny to appreciate five-star luxury? While you’re at it, book yourself in for a spa treatment and ask if there are swimming and hot tub facilities on site. Book yourself a table at the hotel restaurant or research trending eateries in your area. Treat yourself by ordering a bottle of champagne to be ready on arrival. It’s the little things that make a luxury life, after all.


Enjoy High-Quality Entertainment

As long as you’re in a great city, you can find great entertainment. After a day of pampering and sightseeing, you’ll probably be in the mood for some music or theatre, so check what’s on in your local area and book tickets in advance. The theatre is the very epitome of luxury, so why one of the award-winning Jacksonville Broadway shows you’ve been reading about? Alternatively, you could enjoy a bottle of champagne while taking in some cabaret or burlesque, or head to a local music venue.

Booking a staycation might seem indulgent at first, but we all need a luxury break every now and again. It’s not always possible to travel, and sometimes it can be more relaxing to cut out the unnecessary stresses of travel and remain close to home.


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