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Making your own costume jewelry can be both fun and profitable. Let’s assume that you are interested in costume jewelry, want to try it out as a hobby, and, if people love your stuff, start a part-time or full-time business.

Learning All about Costume Jewelry

If you’re interested in making costume jewelry, then you’re someone who already has some artistic talent and an eye for fashion. Start by deciding what it is that you want to make. What type of style appeals to you? One way to identify your style is to visit local stores and notice how they use gemstone beads, gold, or cubic zirconia diamonds. Pay attention to the weave and the thickness of the wires. You’ll notice that some strive to grab your attention with lovely sapphire glass while others try to add value by using sterling silver rather than silver-plated brass. Notice all these little things to get a good idea about styles, designs, and niches. You can also get inspiration by visiting art galleries and museums. Once you’ve got a good look at some costume jewelry in person, turn your attention to learning more about the process by reading magazine articles and blog posts. Collect pictures of images that you like and make notes of instructions and tips offered by expert designers. After you’ve developed an idea about what you like and don’t like, then look for jewelry making classes near you. If you can’t find any, then you will be able to find plenty online that will teach you through video tutorials.

Next, you’ll need to set up a dedicated space in your home where you can do the work. You will need space to store your materials and to set out your tools. Your workspace should be as comfortable as possible where you are less likely to be distracted. It is better to set up in a back bedroom than at a kitchen table or in the living room. Here are some things you will need for your jewelry workspace:

  • A good table where you have plenty of space to organize all your apparatus, tools, and raw materials.
  • A comfortable, ergonomic chair.
  • Plenty of storage spaces, ranging from boxes to cabinets.
  • High-quality lighting. Choose LED bulbs over incandescent lights or halogen bulbs. Since you will be working on intricate details, using light that is closer to sunlight will place less strain on your eyes is preferable.

After you’ve practiced making some jewelry, get some feedback from people who can give you some constructive criticism. Besides family and friends, get feedback from people in the business.

Starting A Costume Jewelry Business

Assuming that you’ve begun to create jewelry that elicits admiration from family, friends, and even strangers when you wear your jewelry in public, then you may want to consider making it a part-time or full-time business. Here are the steps to take to set up your own jewelry business:

1- Define your niche and your audience.

  • Do you want to create vintage costume jewelry?
  • Do you want to create vintage replicas?
  • Do you want to create trendy jewelry?
  • Do you want to create artisan costume jewelry?
  • Do you want to create designer costume jewelry?

Once you’ve defined your niche, consider the people who will be most interested in buying this type of jewelry.

2- Set up a business structure.

Speak to your local business development center to find out about permits to operate a retail business, sales tax permits, resale licenses, and name certificates. Also, create a business entity for legal and tax purposes.

3- Source your inventory.

There are many ways to source your inventory:

  • Open an account as a wholesaler with a manufacturer.
  • Buy liquidated jewelry.
  • Buy wholesale costume jewelry so that you have more inventory and variety rather than just selling things that you make yourself.

4- Find a venue.

Where do you want to sell your jewelry? Your options include:

  • Leasing a store.
  • Renting a kiosk.
  • Become a flea market dealer.
  • Creating home jewelry parties.
  • Building an eCommerce store.
  • Opening an account on an auction site or a marketplace like Etsy.

5- Market your stuff.

There are many small business marketing methods you can use, as well as online marketing methods to promote your business. For instance, you can create a blog where you share your experience as a designer and you can lend your pieces to a local fashion and jewelry show for some publicity.

In conclusion, you can start small, build up your knowledge and skills, then, depending on how well people respond, start a business.

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