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One look at the moonstone, and you’ll most likely feel an instant connection to it. It’s as if it’s talking to you in a way that its energy seems to radiate all over your femininity. It may be just the soft side of you talking, but in tradition and long-standing beliefs, the moonstone equally translates to ancient wisdom, inner growth, new beginnings, and strength. All of which are arguably categorized to be naturally expected from a woman.

The Moonstone Explained

Coming from the mineral group of feldspar, moonstones display a pearly iridescence that effortlessly mesmerizes gem and crystal lovers of different cultures. The moonstone originated mostly from India and Sri Lanka and is believed to have healing, nourishing, and calming powers that are as ancient as the moon. In the past, before technology was invented, women and the moon have always had an immeasurable connection.

That’s why the moonstone meaning is believed to be associated with psychic ability, mystery, and feminine energy, just like how the moon is reckoned so. It’s also worth mentioning that the color of the moonstone also relates to its meaning in some ways. The blue-white color is somehow a reminder of how the moon looks, while the rainbow-colored one is a reflection of scintillating colors like purple and blue. 

In today’s time and age, women seem to have drifted away from this intimate connection. Fear not—it’s not yet too late to discover how the moonstone can help you in boosting your feminine energy.

Connecting With Your Femininity

The moonstone is available in different forms. There are Buddhist pendants, eggs, spheres, and also in jewelry forms so you can wear them as you need and please. As the moon links you to nature, the moonstone serves as a reminder that life constantly ebbs and flows.

If you want to further explore how to use moonstone to boost your feminine energy, here are some ways you could try:

  • Carry Your Moonstone In Your Pocket Or Bag

In case you do feel such a strong and deep connection with your moonstone, you can always bring it with you wherever you go. Simply place it in your pocket or inside your purse throughout the day. This is an easy and tested way to tap into the calming benefits of divine femininity.

  • Use The Moonstone While Meditating

The crystal can also be of great help in setting an intention. You can incorporate your moonstone into some yoga practices, meditations, or other alternative ways to relieve stress. This can help further lead you to your inner path. To do so, rest the stone on your meditation cushion or mat and let it invoke a glowing vitality that’ll wash the negativity away.

  • Wear It As Jewelry

Moonstone jewelries are useful and stylish at the same time. You can wear it as a ring, on your wrist, or around your neck to resonate celestial femininity through its direct contact with your skin and body. 

  • Hold It Against Your Body To Ease Tension

Should you feel like you’re becoming more and more tensed and uneasy, maybe it’s because your chakras are starting to misalign because of too much stress and negative emotions. To enhance the healing and calming power of your moonstone, hold it against your body to help release tension. If you want to focus more on releasing feminine energy, hold it against the throat and heart. This is because higher chakras particularly focus on evoking harmony, compassion, universal love, intuition, empathy, and clarity of thought.

  • Leave Your Moonstone At Home

Another way is to position the moonstone on surfaces or in a bowl around your home. If you like it, put some in your office. This is believed to be an effective method if you want to try connecting to ancient practices of Feng Shui. The moonstone could help in channeling inner peace, strength, and focus, which should help radiate positive feminine energy in any given space.

Final Words

Moonstones have been used for different purposes throughout history, but their most distinct purpose is to help women boost their feminine energy. You can try wearing it as a ring, bracelet charm, or pendant to take advantage of its beneficial properties to the skin and body. It can also be used when aligning your chakra, meditating, or doing yoga practices. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have one inside your bag, at home, and in your office to make sure that you’re constantly surrounded by healing and calming properties.

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