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jean_paul_gaultierThe french famous fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier created a very interesting furniture collection for the chic french brand Roche Bobois. To celebrate the french brand 50th anniversary, JP Gaultier is a special guest to create a full collection of furniture and house accessories called “Jean Paul Gaultier Pour Roche Bobois Paris”. We can say it is not a very complicated name right 🙂 Gaultier came up with six arrangements, with names like Dollar Bill, Tattoo, and Kiss. So Gaultier…roche bobois jeanpaul gaultier
We recognize the timeless style of the fashion designer and think that makes sense and even that Mr Gaultier could start a new carrier. We all know JP Gaultier, but do you know Roche Bobois?

Roche Bobois is the story of two families, Roche and Chouchan. The story begins in 1896, Fernand Roche left the Auvergne to the 12th arrondissement in Paris, where he created a company called Roche close to Fauboug Saint-Antoine, historic artisan furniture area. At that time, Chouchan manufacture and sell their furniture in Russia,until the 30s, when they emigrate to Paris, Boulevard Sebastopol “At Beau Bois,” which became “Bobois. In 1950, Jacques Roche buys the old Alexandre Dumas theater  Rue de Lyon and built two stores. Philip Francis and his two son, joined the company and together define the development strategy of the company.They engage to distribute the best contemporary French furniture specialists, strongly inspired by the Bauhaus, as Minvielle, Steiner or Airborne, but also in publishing projects renowned designers such as Pierre Paulin and Marc Berthier.

It is on the Brand DNA to publish great designers and Mr Gaultier join the prestigious portraits gallery and now the question is: can we define these creations as furniture or as Contemporary Art? Hard to define and that is fine… who cares right? Do not hesitate to visit the Brand website:

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