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La Cene is a quite new restaurant in Fribourg (Switzerland). It opened its doors less than a year ago. This project was born in the mind and the hearts of two men united by a strong passion about wine. We were a few blogs invited to a special evening to discover this amazing place in which your senses were purely pleased.


When you arrive at La Cene, one striking feeling is the kind of soft mood that surround you. From the first minutes you feel quite at ease as if you were invited to a good friends place. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci and it is supposed to represent the perfect blend of arts and diner.


The interior decoration is done with very good taste. Every single detail is taken care of: From the choices of materials, to the interior architecture towards the organization of the spaces, everything is perfectly put in place.


Check here this mood video that will give you a hint of the ambiance there:

La Cene has some special characteristics that you will not find in another place. The first one is the wine selection. The wine cellar has around 600 wine references. It is probably the biggest wine cellar in Fribourg. So you will always find the perfect wine to go with your course.


The Wine cellar is an elegant blend between the traditional wood boxes with prestigious armories on it and a metal furniture that brings a contemporary twist to it. You can also choose your preferred wine or trust the edgy taste of the Restaurant Wine expert. He will help you to match the perfect wine to the perfect meal.


To symbolize the owner’s passion for wine, they have planted a Vine in the middle of the restaurant space. And as we are already in september, the Vine had grapes. Amazing.


What you also need to know is that La Cene has a Fumoir, an elegant and modern Cigar club. Just make your choice and lay back for an exquisite moment. You can admire an impressive Cigar cellar with a classy glass door. To open it you have a clever finger print recognition system for employees and members of the club. Design meets tradition. Between a Romeo & Julieta or a Montecristo, you will find your perfect cigar.


After making your choice, you can sit in the Fumoir. It is a place made to relax and share a pleasant moment. Several armchairs called “Aviator” are displayed in the exclusive room. A special and high efficient air cleaner is installed so that even if you do not smoke, you can join your friends and still appreciate the light gold, brown toasted smell of fine tobacco.



In terms of food, we trusted our appetite to the Chef and he took us into a delightful journey in which every step was a marvelous adventure. The “Menu Degustation” was proposed to us and frankly the balance between each dish just made the perfect evening.

Here are the highlights:

Duo Fois Gras & Pata Negra


Courge cream with duck’s Magret and Mushrooms

“Un air de Tatin” – Modernized Tatin pie

For every single dish, we got the perfect wine companion. What was pleasant with this menu is that every scent and taste were in tune. We could discover a new adventure in every dish.

The restaurant also has special events in order to animate the fribourg nights. Just check their events calendar here.

Restaurant La Cène
Rue du Criblet 6
1700 Fribourg

Tel: +41 (o)26 321 46 46

Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10h to 23h30
Fridays and Saturdays 10h00 to 24h00
They hope soon to be able to stay open until 02:00.
La Cène is a special place in which it is good to spend an evening or more. If you are visiting Fribourg for a day or a weekend, do not hesitate to go there.

Bon appétit!


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