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Switzerland is the land of watches but also the land of Absinth. A while ago you could discover Larusée, a high qualitative Swiss Absinth manufacturer. They are launching now a new 10cl bottle on their Larusée Bleue. You can easily carry it with you everywhere.



Larusée Bleue is one of the distinctive Absinths that the Swiss manufacturer has in its catalog. It is an Absinth with 55% that is both refreshing and seductive as well as captivating.

Why the green fairy is blue? Well “bleue” is a historical name that means that the Absinth is bottled right after the distillation process. So that’s why it is uncolored. Rather than the green, contains another step with a mixture of herbs. So the Bleue represents the brillant work of distillation and the quality of Absinth plants. Minimalistic. Less is more!

The standard size of Larusée bottle is 70cl, which is already a great size and the 10cl is the perfect travel companion for your weekends and more. The 10cl might also be an interesting move for Larusee as they can also propose their star product in hotels mini-bars or even on board of several airlines.

With a recommended retail price of 18.20 CHF (around 15€ or 20US$) it is a very affordable moment of pleasure and luxury. It is perfect for a christmas gift, as a promise of beautiful moments shared (or not!).

For reminder, Larusée is a Swiss family business based in the Neuchâtel region. Every single step on the production of Absinth is done accordingly to a high-strict qualitative chart. All processes are done by hand. A manual work that takes its foundation in centuries of know-how in Switzerland. Each bottle has a manual manufacturing. From the bottling itself towards labeling and sealing. The result is simply perfect.

Almost every year, Larusée wins prestigious international contests thanks to the unusual high-quality of their products. They have enough talent to not let success being the fruit of chance.

If you want to discover more about this new product from Larusée, please check the dedicated page in the manufacturer website: You can also discover other products from Larusée as well as more about the manufacture history.




So this holiday season, take with you the taste of forbidden.


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