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Last Sunday, LuxuryActivist tried the Sunday Brunch at Lausanne Palace. In Lausanne, there are not so many places dedicated to Brunch as it is not really something yet integrated in the Swiss culture. The Lausanne Palace is definitely an unique place that will make you feel at ease by the warm atmosphere, the gentle and efficient personnel and the quality of their structure and installations. In short: pure luxury experience.


The Lausanne Palace, luxury at the right place

The Lausanne Palace is a 5 stars hotel that would deserve a ranking of its own. In a very beautiful Belle Epoque style, this 146 bedrooms hotel welcomes you in the heart of Lausanne. It was initially opened in 1915. Since 1980, it is the official residence of all presidents of the Olympic committee. In 1989, Ute Funke, the German millionaire acquires the Lausanne Palace. She opens a Spa, a Conference center and a underground parking. Since then, it is one of the top addresses. Several celebrities stayed at the Lausanne Palace. From Queen Elisabeth, to Rita Hayworth, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Wells, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel or the Rolling Stones just to quote a few. Ute Funke invested more than 60 million euros to modernize the hotel and today the 4 restaurants are amazing culinary destinations.

Côté Jardin, a little paradise with a view

Côté Jardin is one of the 4 restaurants of Lausanne Palace. It is one of the rarest restaurants in the Lausanne city center that you can enjoy an amazing meal in a terrasse with a beautiful view to the Leman Lake. The menu has a mediterranean inspiration and everyone can find something that will please his senses. The restaurant it self has a very bright ambiance and the decoration is as trendy as perfectly fitting the spirit of the place.

Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin-lamps Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin

Côté Jardin Sunday brunch, a nice chill-out moment

Everything on the sunday brunch is prepared to make you experience a nice moment. From the first minutes, you are impressed by the luminosity, the space, the view to the lake and the kindness of the personnel. When you chose to spend some of your Sunday afternoon in a luxury hotel, you wish that your experience is great. In terms of menu, you have a great choice of warm, cold salty and sugary meals and delights. The team of the restaurant is discreet and efficient, so they will not disturb the precious moment you spend with your family, best friend or lover. They welcome you with a nice glass of champagne, which always help to get to a good mood.

The highlights: The octopus salad, the Risotto croquettes and the amazing mozzarella that would melt like butter in your mouth. From a desert point of view, everything was amazing. Mini Tiramisu, mini Creme Brulé, Lemon Pie meringue… The only thing we missed in the buffet was a selection of fresh juices from the fresh squeezed fruit. At this level of detail, the multivitaminé and the pasteurized Pinapple juice were not really “coherent”. So some room for improvement. Of course you could order a fresh juice à la carte, but it was a pity that you could not enjoy it in the buffet. Being in Switzerland we need to highlight to amazing things in the buffet, a great collection of cheese and the amazing Double-cream from Gruyere and its meringue.

Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin-sunday-brunch-Apple-pie Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin-sunday-brunch-deserts Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin-sunday-brunch-Lemon-Pie Lausanne-Palace-Cote-Jardin-sunday-brunch

For CHF78 per person (around $80) you have an amazing choice of meals in an amazing place. For children under 12 years old they only pay CHF45 ($46). Visit the official website for more details about the Sunday brunch and the Lausanne Palace. Please note they have other restaurants and an amazing Spa with a swimming pool. It is by far the best Hotel of Lausanne.

When you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon, you only wish one single thing: to do it again!



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