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When you are used to live a stylish life, you enjoy the best places, the best services and experiences. When you travel, you want to have the very best because generally you deserve it. Then one day you decide to have children and your life starts changing. Here are some good tips to allow you to keep your luxury lifestyle, now with children. This will be a regular theme on Luxury Activist as many readers are asking for tips.

With Children, you realize many things. It gives you another perspective. When it comes to travel and holidays, you realize that you cannot do as you used to do before:

  • No preparation
  • Last minute offers
  • Easy organization during travel

One thing very important as well is the choice of hotels. While you and your companion would always choose the very best luxury hotels, confidential addresses and quite intimate atmosphere, this was possible before having children. What happen when you get children? Well the beautiful cute luxury hotel you loved so much becomes a nightmare when you have children. Remember that beautiful and stylish hotel in France? That amazing restaurant and its tables for two? Definitely not with children.  So at one point, you say to yourself that it should be possible to find good luxury family holidays without much difficulty.  After searching for a little while you realize it is not so obvious, the most of the places you used to go are not necessary “child-friendly”. No worries, I have been there! So here are some useful tips that might help you get that stylish feeling back to your life.

Get a nice car and travel more by road

When a child arrives in a family, it is a great joy, something unique that is hard to explain. Then you have the first summer you spend being a new dad or a mom. You wish to take some holidays. You realize you need to take quite a lot of things for the baby and it is much less comfortable than you think. Generally you take:

  • Baby Buggy
  • Dippers
  • Baby Food
  • Different pieces of clothes
  • Medecine
  • Etc

Things get quite busy. Our advice is to privilege traveling by car. You place all your belongings in the trunk and up you go. You have lot of room to place everything you need. You can also rent or buy a roof trunk that can extend your trunk capacity. This will help you leave home with your children without being a complete mess. So if you wish to retrieve your luxury life before your children were born, you can buy a very elegant and luxury car that will be used for your luxury family holidays. The nice car will place you in a stylish context, so you still have the feeling you keep up with the elegant life you used to have. Choose well. One important point in parallel of car security: the volume of the trunk. To make your life easier, your trunk should be a minimum of 500L This will allow you to place the baby buggy and still some luggage. Here are 3 examples of nice cars that will be well adapted for a family life.

Audi Q7, performance and big space for a reasonable price

Audi is definitely the great balance between comfort and performance. If you wish to have an Audi as a family car, you need to buy an Audi Q7.


With the new Audi Q7, you will be able to travel easily with all the comfort you might need for your family. You will have the impression to be aligned with your luxury tastes.

  • Trunk volume: 805L
  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h
  • 0 to 100km/h: 4.8s
  • Price: USD$ 125’000


BMW M X5, pure performance

BMW proposes a more sportive approach of the family car. With the MX5, we have a big engine and it is ready to challenge any car.


  • Trunk volume: 650L
  • Maximum speed: 280 km/h
  • 0 to 100km/h: 4.2s
  • Price: USD$ 160’000


PORSCHE CAYENNE, it is a Porsche!

With Porsche, there is no compromise between elegance and power. The fastest of all 3 cars, it shows how to conquer the heart of several families.



  • Trunk volume: 670L
  • Maximum speed: 284Km/h
  • 0 to 100km/h: 4.1s
  • Price: USD 206’000


Forget Luxury hotels, privilege Luxury Guest Houses

With children, it is not always obvious to stay in a luxury hotel. Some hotels will even tell you to not come with kids. One interesting advice is about Luxury Guest Houses. In the past 10 years, the concept of small luxury hotels or Guest Houses have developed a lot. In every country now, you can find people with very good taste that will propose few bedrooms. This type of housing is perfect for families with children. Generally these luxury guest houses have amazing gardens, so you can easily play with your children. It is a much more relaxed ambiance, so you will not feel annoyed if your child start crying.



At one point you might even prefer to stay in luxury guest houses. The hosts are generally friendly people and they might even be happy to take care of your children while you do a nap of just a chill-out. In the incoming month we will highlight nice luxury guest houses around the world, so you will have a good network.

José Amorim

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