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You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an upscale look in your home. Nor do you have to spend massive amounts of money to upgrade your home or keep it up to date with the latest design trends. We’re not going to address home renovations like fake granite countertops or replacing all of your appliances. Here are five affordable ways to make your house look expensive for relatively little effort.

Paint Your Floors


If you have worn wood floors, one option for making them look new again is to simply paint them with porch paint. Porch paint should be used in place of wall paint because it is designed to handle foot traffic. This same trick can be used on vinyl floors. You’ll give the floors a new look in a matter of hours and you’ll achieve it without taking away the option of replacing the floor later if desired.

New Light Fixtures

One way to update drab rooms is to replace ugly light fixtures. Removing the fan you never dust and clean dirty glass covers to make the room brighter. There are many options at the local hardware store and you may find that your home looks better simply by being better lit. One detail people forget about light fixtures is the fact that they, too, can be purchased used. For example, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and other items salvaged from torn down homes or donated by hardware stores. You could find an antique light fixture like a chandelier at an affordable price.

Crown Molding


Crown molding hides the joint between your walls and the ceiling. This is an attractive detail that makes the room appear more upscale. It grabs your attention if it is a different color than the walls and ceiling. And it alters the color scheme of a room without the hassle of repainting it. If you don’t want to use crown molding to liven up a room, consider putting wallpaper up. Installing wallpaper on one wall of a room can dramatically alter its look while making the rest of the room seem brighter.

Quality Posters in Place of Paintings

One of the easiest ways to make your house look luxurious is to add framed paintings around your home. A cheap alternative to this is to add scenic posters in frames. These certainly look better than taping printed posters to the walls. A personalized alternative is having family photos altered to resemble paintings, then printed and framed.

Add Window Dressings


Many people move into a home and leave the blinds that were already there. They limit light and visibility, but they don’t look very good on their own. Install curtains instead. The curtain rods and curtains should match for every window in the same room, though you are free to choose different curtains and rods for each room.

Making your home look like a million bucks doesn’t have to be expensive. So if you want to improve your house’s decor on the cheap, you should definitely consider making one or two of the additions mentioned above.


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