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In Arts, the artist is of course the key person but history has shown that Patrons played a key role too in protecting and sponsoring the ones to accomplish magnificence. Every year Montblanc reveals a new edition called Patron of Art. It is supposed to highlight and honor those who allowed artists from all eras, to fulfill their work. In 2013 Montblanc honors Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan. He was one of the most prominent patrons of Italian Renaissance and protector of the great Leonardo Da Vinci.


Milan was one of the powerful cities during the 15th century. Together with Venice, Firenze and Savoie, Milan shined during a big part of the Italian Renaissance.


The Duc of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, decided that Milan should be the brightest star among stars and for that he invited several Artists, scientists and other enlightened people to come and live in Milan.


Leonardo Da Vinci stayed in Milan from 1482 to 1500, time in which he left for France. During that time he painted amazing masterpieces like La Vergine delle Rocce or La Dama con l’ermellino.

La Dama Con Lermillione

Another important character of that time is the mathematician Luca Pacioli who wrote the Divina Proporzione, a treat about the Golden number. Also called the magic number, it changed completely the way to organize a painting in arts. Leonardo da Vinci was one of its biggest supporters.

Divina Proporzione

For 22 years now, Montblanc has celebrated the contribution of different historical patron of the arts. The 2013 edition celebrates the commitment of Ludovico Sforza, Duc of Milan. While Europe was facing many wars between cities and kingdoms, the Duc of Milan took actions in order to preserve and support artistic creation.

2 magnificent limited editions are presented.


The first edition is an ode to the splendor of the late Renaissance. The monumental Castello Sforzesco in Milan, home to the prestigious ducal dynasty is the inspiration for the Editions’ cap and clip design with its distinctive cylindrical towers. The writing instrument’s fittings replicate the pattern Da Vinci, used in his fresco in the “Sala delle Asse” or “Chamber of Boards”, as well as in the Mona Lisa’s robes and ornaments.

Mona Lisa ornaments

The initials engraved on the cap’s ring originate from the “Testone”, a silver coin issued in honour of Ludovico Sforza during the Milanese Renaissance.

The Blue lacquered cap and barrel of the other Limited Edition are embellished with Da Vinci’s pattern in dark translucent blue.


The fountain pen’s solid gold fittings contrast with majestic blue lacquer, reflecting the vibrant colour of the ceiling fresco. Crowned with the distinctive Montblanc emblem in fine mother-of- pearl and with its cone adorned with the Duke’s coat of arms, this writing masterpiece is a fitting representation of the magnificence of Sforza’s court.

The 2013 Patron of Art Limited Edition will be available in Montblanc Boutiques worldwide from April 2013. If you wish to know more about the Patron of Art Editions, you can check the Brand official website here:

Arts are a human heritage and should always be celebrated as such.


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