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Embarking on Personal Fulfillment: Yahan Wang’s Path as an Art Administrator

Yahan Wang, an Art Administrator, exemplifies the ability to discover genuine passion in her work.

Flowers Are Eternal Inspirations in Art

Flowers have always been a true inspiration for artists in human history. Here is a complete flashback on the importance of flowers in arts and culture.

Exclusive Interview With Benjamin Arzoine – A Free Mind.

Discover our exclusive interview of Benjamin Arzoine. An independent artist, a free mind and a virtuoso in drawing.

Exclusive Interview with Hélène Garcia-Duthilleul: More Than An Artist, An Enchantress.

Discover the exclusive interview with Hélène Garcia-Duthilleul. Artist and illustrator, she reveals a feminine, colorful and positive vision of life.

Exclusive Interview With L. Erwan Kern: Once Upon A Time There Was Bonbon Noir.

Version Française ici. L. Erwan Kern is a comet. He is always in motion, he writes his own trajectory and when he appears in our sky, it is with a thousand lights...

Bonbon Noir: The Psychedelic and Rock Soundtrack From The Eponymous Illustrated Novel.

2020 will not finish to surprise me. Hopefully, we get good surprises. There is one project you need to follow, and this one is Bonbon Noir. In the beginning, it is hard...

Verbier Festival 2019: A Story Of Audacity, Transmission And Exchange

Summer in Switzerland brings back amazing music festivals and one very special has its location in the heart of Swiss Alps for more than 25 years: the Verbier Festival. Last year it...

Verbier Festival – Celebrating 25 Years At The Top With An Anniversary Art Book.

The Verbier Festival is a classical music festival which encourages encounters and sharing between great musicians and young aspiring artists from around the world. With its different orchestral programmes, the Festival strives towards...

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