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As the amber leaves fall and the air becomes crisp, heralding the advent of the holiday season, the world of fragrances undergoes its transformative dance. This season, more than just being an emblem of celebrations and festive gatherings, represents a significant moment for the fragrance industry. In the luminescent halls of luxury, where scents are crafted with meticulous detail, the holiday season can account for a staggering 30% of a brand’s annual sales. While the market overflows, year after year, with a plethora of novelties, each vying for a spot on our vanity tables, it becomes imperative to discern the masterpieces from the mere. This year, as a connoisseur with a bias for all things olfactory, I found it pertinent to curate my list of top 10 fragrances to wear this 2023 holiday season. With reverence for innovation and timelessness, let’s embark on an aromatic journey as I unveil the first five novelties that have enraptured my senses.

My Top 5 New launches for this Holiday season

As I pen down this intimate sojourn into the world of perfumery, I can’t help but begin with the new players on the block, the new lifeblood in perfumery art. Here are the top 5 novelties of 2023 that have genuinely captivated my senses.

1. L’Adore L’Or by Dior

Photo: Dior

The Next Golden Chapter. For those who, like me, have always found solace in the timeless embrace of Dior’s J’Adore, the emergence of its latest variant, J’Adore L’Or, is nothing short of a poetic evolution. Crafted by the genius of Francis Kurkd omerjian, the scent is a testament to the sheer magic that occurs when artistry and heritage converge. The fragrance weaves an intricate tale, reminding us of the golden standards of Dior. Its bottle, the emblematic teardrop design, carries with it the legacy of the brand and promises an olfactory experience that’s every bit as opulent as its luminous aesthetic.
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2. Gaultier Divine by Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo: Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Enchantress Reimagined. If divinity had a scent, it would undoubtedly be reminiscent of Gaultier Divine. This fragrance is a hymn to the all-powerful feminine spirit, enveloping the wearer in a mesmerizing blend of intoxicating lily and intriguing marine notes. But what evokes the deity in you is its hint of meringue, creating an unforgettable aroma. The bottle itself, shimmering in white and gold, captures the essence of this radiant spirit, inviting you to drench yourself in a scent that celebrates the very essence of being divine.

3. L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime by Givenchy

Photo: Givenchy

Irresistible Fascination. Every drop of L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge Ultime is an invitation to challenge conventions. Its floral-woody essence, crafted with orange blossom, tuberose, and jasmine, is made even more captivating by the warm notes of cocoa. The rouge-lacquered bottle, adorned with Givenchy’s iconic 4G logo, is a siren call in itself. This long-lasting fragrance promises an olfactory journey that you can’t refuse.

4. Prada Paradoxe Intense

Photo: Prada

Strength Meets Delicacy. Venturing into the world of Prada Paradoxe Intense is like witnessing the dance of shadows and light. Its aromatic profile explores the paradox of powerful femininity, with its intensified jasmine notes juxtaposed against a captivating woody accord. The bottle, a minimalist reinterpretation of Prada’s iconic triangular logo, makes a statement of disruptive elegance. Beyond its scent, its commitment to sustainability is a beautiful reminder of the balance between creativity and responsibility.

5. MYSLF by Yves Saint Laurent

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

Embracing Modern Masculinity The world of men’s fragrances has been set ablaze with the introduction of MYSLF. It’s a brave portrayal of the multifaceted modern man – capturing his essence with a fusion of Calabrian bergamot and Tunisian orange blossom. The bottle, a sleek monolith adorned with YSL’s iconic Cassandre logo, is as much a celebration of modern design as the fragrance is of contemporary masculinity. YSL’s commitment to sustainability is apparent, making this perfume an environmentally-conscious choice for this season.
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My Top 5 Established Fragrances for this Holiday Season

The glint of nostalgia and the embrace of tradition can often be as evocative as any contemporary allure. As the winter winds whisk us into the heart of the holiday season, we are sometimes beckoned by the classics – the scents that have withstood the test of time, epitomizing refinement and sophistication. In contrast to the ever-evolving world of new releases, there’s an undeniable charm in leaning on the established, especially when their notes resonate with the spirit of the season. With this sentiment, I unveil my chosen quintet of established fragrances, ones that have not only graced many an elegant soirée but promise to add a touch of vintage glamour to this year’s festivities.

1. CHANEL N°5 Limited Edition Case


The very definition of timelessness rests in the hands of CHANEL N°5. Gabrielle Chanel’s vision, “a woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent,” is manifested perfectly in this iconic floral-aldehydic blend. With the holiday season shimmering, CHANEL presents a limited-edition case for N°5 Eau de Parfum, bathed in pristine white and opulent gold, making the legendary fragrance even more irresistible.
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2. Guerlain Shalimar Millésime Iris

Photo: Guerlain

A fragrant ode to love and inspiration, the Millésime Iris is Guerlain’s testament to Shalimar’s timeless allure. The seductive dance of iris with the signature freshness of bergamot and Guerlinade leaves a trace of velvety floral notes. Rose and white musk enhance its character, making it a sensual caress that feels like a dream upon the skin.
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3. Serge Lutens Musc Koublaï Khan

Photo: Serge Lutens

An aromatic journey into the heart of China’s illustrious history, this scent evokes the opulence of the Kubilaï Khan era. Serge Lutens paints a vivid picture: “Valuable furs spread for the Emperor of China to tread on, muddy boots and all.” A fragrance that unfurls its silky layers, reminiscent of ancient China’s golden grandeur and mystique.
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4. Penhaligon’s Halfeti


Love, in its most intoxicating form, is embodied in this fragrance. The dance of grapefruit, Levantine spice, and the enigmatic black rose under the moonlight creates a scent that is both alluring and mysterious. Halfeti, a blend of fruity, spicy notes and creamy jasmine wrapped with the mystique of rose, is a unisex masterpiece that evokes deep emotions.
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5. O.U.I. Paradis Rouge Eau de Parfum


Paris, in its nocturnal splendour, serves as the muse for this alluring scent. “Breathing Paris nourishes the soul,” and Paradis Rouge captures the city’s essence with Rosa Damascena’s refinement, cardamom’s spicy contrast, and the smooth allure of sandalwood. It’s not just a fragrance but a Parisian dream, bottled.
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To conclude,

As the curtains of 2023 draw to a gentle close and the crisp winter air carries the promise of snowflakes and revelry, there’s an enchantment that permeates the very essence of the holiday season. Amidst the shimmering lights, the echo of laughter, and the clinking of crystal glasses in joyous toast lies the invisible but undeniable allure of fragrance. The scents we choose to adorn ourselves with during these festive times are not mere accompaniments; they are profound declarations, eloquent storytellers, and intimate companions that walk with us through every jubilant gathering and quiet reflection.

The luxury of fragrance is unparalleled. Beyond the tactile world of satins and velvets, beyond the visual splendour of diamonds and gold, scents have the ethereal ability to transport, transform, and transcend. They can evoke memories of winters gone by, conjure up images of faraway lands, or accentuate the beauty of the present moment. In this season of extravagance and celebration, the fragrances we’ve explored—both novel and classic—serve as fragrant reminders of the magnificence of life’s tapestry.

Choosing a scent, whether from the avant-garde releases of the year or the timeless classics that have graced the annals of olfactory artistry, is akin to selecting the soundtrack for one’s festive narrative. It’s an intimate journey, a dance of the senses, a silent song that plays in the heart. As you move through the glittering soirees and private dinners, let your chosen fragrance be your signature, a mark of your elegance, individuality, and the luxurious spirit of the season.

In conclusion, as we bask in the glow of the holiday lights and lose ourselves in the symphony of laughter, music, and cheer, remember that the fragrance you wear is more than just a scent—it’s an experience, an emotion, and an expression. Let it tell your story, let it capture the essence of your joy, and let it be the unseen, unforgettable crown of your holiday splendour. Here’s to a season filled with magnificent memories, scented with the finest fragrances, and brimming with timeless luxury.

José Amorim
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