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Opumo is the new online destination for premium accessories from pocket squares to technology cases. The curated collection features pieces that have been sourced from unique brands across the globe all with traditions of fine craftsmanship, innovative design and with distinctive heritages.


Opumo goes live at a time when shopping online is becoming more and more popular with men. With many men’s sites being label led it can be difficult to find true luxury accessories that are subtle yet distinctive. With a clean, timeless aesthetic and a sharp, edited collection, Opumo is becoming the go to destination for discerning men and those that shop for them.

Men’s accessories market is one of the biggest market segments for men. They represent over 36% of purchase power over a middle-top social-professional category. It is also one of the biggest segment in terms of growth. It has a double digit growth for the past 5 years. It is true that electronics became a big deal but fashion accessories are also growing quite fast.

Masculine accessories represent a clever blend of practical luxury with a Design approach. Most of these objects are for each day and become the personal objects for men. Most of customers add their initials to their objects, which is not a main trend on the women’s side.

And because more and more men purchase online, several websites start now proposing different offers. Last year, we got the launch of Mr Porter, dedicated to fashion and accessories. This year its is Opumo by focusing mainly on accessories. The Website was launched in February 2012.

One of the special features, they propose a Style advice service. You can directly send a message to and get all the advices you need. No need anymore to send an email to GQ!

In terms of product offers, you can find at OPUMO:

  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Tech cases
  • Document folders
  • Ties
  • Pocket squares
  • Cufflinks
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks

Here are the different brands you can find on the website. No over-the-top brands. They are more in a sort of essential luxury with qualitative under-statement products.

  • Alice Made This
  • Andersons Belts
  • Bellroy
  • Berg & Berg
  • Cherchbi
  • Contego Eyewear
  • Hard Graft
  • Hasso
  • J Panther Luggage
  • Mark Giusti
  • Mismo
  • Property of…
  • Tateossian
  • Vineyard Vines
As a Bag-lover, I took a look on their Bag offer and here is my wishing list:

#1 J Panther Luggage
Black Leather Courier Ruc Case


The new Courier Ruc Case is a rugged, supremely functional work-oriented bag that will withstand the roughest treatment en route to the office, yet give the most graceful of impressions once there.
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#2 Mark Giusti
Black Active Gym Bag


The “Active” Gym Bag with Two Compartment Sections and Leather Detailing is hand crafted in 100% Genuine Grained Calf Leather Detailing and Shower Proof Nylon Body.
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#3 Cherchbi
Library Tote Bag


One of Cherchbi’s simplest, yet most useful designs. This understated and well proportioned tote works well for day, weekend or work.
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Opumo delivers basically to the entire world, impressive. You can pay in Pounds, Euros and Dollars and they even have a return service.

So, no excuse now to not look fashionable. You have the address:



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