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The architect agency Marks Barfield conceptualized a 6,4 £m project of a futuristic walkway in the heart of Amazonian Rainforest. The project will be located in Xixuaú Xiparina, a secluded region of untouched forests in Roraima, Brazil. It is a region at 790km north away from Manaus, between French Guyana and Venezuela.


The project represents a light, airy and modern walkway in the middle of the rainforest in Brazil. This will allow scientists but also the public to discover the Amazonian canopy.


Marks Barfield became an international well know company thanks to different projects they have been accomplishing around the world and one of the most important ones is London Eye.  Here we feel the aim to blend to the natural environment and at the same time it brings and very vegetal structure with a hint of modernity.


Structures with different terraces will allow the visitors to explore the rainforest canopy in different levels and angles. The philosophy of this creation is a sort of sustainable, pleasant, innovative and functional structure. The goal is also the perfect symbiosis with the natural environment, so that bird watchers would also be able to explore the different birds of the region. More than 6 miles throughout out the wild  forest.

David Marks of the practice believes bamboo can be used as the primary construction material. The design already incorporates solar energy. Of the forests fragile ecosystem, Marks says: “It doesn’t support a lot of people in the natural state. You have to be very careful about what you bring in.”

For once, it is not a project for privatizing the forest or to explore from a pharmaceutical point of view the different resources. This is a project to present the Forest to the world.

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