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September has just arrived and everything is back to normal: work, school, family, etc…Anyway, we all dream about continuing our vacation just a little bit more since days are still sunny and lukewarm. Actually September is the best period to go on holiday: no overcrowded beaches, more fair hotel rates and optimal weather conditions. Yes, this sounds very attractive but where to go on holiday on September? In Italy of course!

For your September getaway, Sardinia is the place to be: breathtaking landscapes, amazing food and exclusive entertainment. If you have the chance to spend a few days on a luxury yacht, you will experience some of the most unforgettable days in your life. The best place to dock your yacht in Sardinia is Costa Smeralda, a beautiful place known for its bars where you can dance till dawn, often attended by VIPs and also for its unique beaches made by little hidden bays, ready to be discovered.

By walking along the little harbour of Porto Cervo, you will admire all the super and mega yachts and also sail boats where maybe you can sneak peek your favourite actor or football player. During summertime this area is considered as the gossip capital, but maybe in September you will find a few VIP’s who love enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere, just like you.


Another place you must absolutely see is Porto Rotondo, located between Cugnana and Marinella Gulf. This is another very known luxury destination. Visitors will have the possibility to enjoy their stay in white sand beaches such as Punta Asfodeli and Spiaggia Ira, just to mention the most renowned ones.

During your stay in Sardinia, you cannot miss a tour of the Golfo degli Aranci, where you can admire the lush nature and discover the numerous bays. Once docked the Yacht in this beautiful place, it would be easier to reach the Cala Moresca beach, a little bay characterized by little rocks that give water an incredible emerald colour very similar to the Caribbean. If you leave the shore behind you will find a peaceful moment in the unspoiled pine forest.

To conclude your holiday in the best way, take a little tour of the Li Nibani Islands in the National Park of Bocche di Bonifacio one of the most beautiful marine park in Europe.



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