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September Getaway on a Luxury Yacht

September has just arrived and everything is back to normal: work, school, family, etc…Anyway, we all dream about continuing our vacation just a little bit more since days are still sunny and lukewarm. Actually September is the best period to go on holiday: no overcrowded beaches, more fair hotel rates and optimal weather conditions. Yes, this sounds very attractive but where to go on holiday on September? In Italy of course!

Hotel Acquaviva del Garda, between sunshine, wellness and style. 

Italy is an amazing place for holidays, especially if you choose the right hotel. If you wish to visit Lake Garda, in the north of the country, there is one amazing address: Acquaviva Del Garda Wellness, Resort & Spa. Close to Sirmione, Maria Callas preferred holiday place, you will have a beautiful stay.

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