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Exciting entertainment, fully legendary and not a little risqué, can be found at the best cabaret shows in the world. From Paris to St Tropez, and from Berlin to New York, these nightclubs roll out the red carpet, keep the Champagne flowing and the lights and music rolling, along with sophisticated shows ranging from burlesque to drag, Samba and belly dancing, near-nude showgirls and over-the-top sequins, spangles and stars.

Keep on reading to discover the world’s best cabaret shows that are guaranteed to entertain into the early hours.

Best cabaret shows

Moulin Rouge

©Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is considered one of the world’s best cabaret shows. Dating to 1889, it is located in the Pigalle district. This famous cabaret show in Paris is where the modern can-can originated, a dance that is said to have inspired the opening of other cabarets across Europe. Enter underneath the iconic marquee and be bewitched by dozens of statuesque showgirls adorned with brightly coloured feathers, sequins and little else. Tickets are said to be among the hottest in Paris.

Le Crazy Horse de Paris

© Crazy Horse

Another top-of-the-list French cabaret is the storied Le Crazy Horse de Paris, founded in 1951 by artist Alain Bernardin and established in the former wine cellars of an elaborate Haussmann-style building just steps away from the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysées. Dazzling dancers are the main attraction of this famous cabaret, but the nightly performances often include magic shows and celebrity entertainers. Champagne and dinner are also available.

Bar Jeder Vernunft

© Bar-Jeder-Vernunft

The glittering circus-style tent of the Bar Jeder Vernuft in Berlin offers cabaret-style musical comedy under a ceiling of a thousand mirrors. Though a smaller venue than other famous cabarets, the Bar Jeder Vernuft is big on entertainment, featuring acts from Berlin and across the globe. Relax and enjoy drinks, fresh cuisine, and in summer, beverages in an outdoor beer garden before the show. Situated in the middle of Berlin, Bar Jeder Vernuft transports guests to the atmosphere of the 1920s in its fabulous and festive art nouveau tent.

Le Scandal

© Le Scandal

Across the pond, don’t pass up a visit to Le Scandal cabaret in Midtown Manhattan, US, considered one of the world’s best cabaret shows. Founded in 2001 by the late Bonnie Dunn, known as “the godmother of burlesque,” Le Scandal has the longest-running neo-burlesque show in New York City.

It is also said to have raised the profile of chic St Tropez on the French Riviera, as its performers “entertain, entice, and enrage all the while redefining what is sexy,” according to a review by Tristan Taormino in The Village Voice, an American news and culture newspaper.

Though Le Scandal is on pandemic hiatus as of the time of writing, it’s still worth adding this famous cabaret to your must-visit list – no doubt the waitlist will be long once it reopens!


Dine and show at L’Opera, a famous cabaret in the heart of St Tropez, France. Located just steps away from some of the world’s most luxurious offerings, including some of the most iconic restaurants in Saint Tropez, L’Opera features outstanding Tropezian dancers and artists who perform on improvised stages, providing an evening of spectacular performance. 

While the fabulous show takes place, guests can enjoy an extravagant meal of the finest Provencal cuisine alongside worldwide specialities. The elegant restaurant is decorated with quirky art pieces, including photography by the famed French multidisciplinary artist Philippe Shangti. Guests can be seated inside or outside on the terrace, which boasts panoramic views of the port of St Tropez. L’Opera is a must-visit when in St Tropez! 

There is no question that the best cabaret shows in the world provide a night of spectacular entertainment. What world-famous cabaret will you be booking tickets for?

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