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There are hotels that represent a good place to stay and there are palaces that you need to stay at least once in your lifetime. And one of these unique places is the Fairmont Montreux Palace in Switzerland. This 5 stars hotel has an amazing reputation and is a place for great holidays as well as business trips. Placed in the heart of Montreux, this beautiful city by the shores of Lake Geneva, the Fairmont Montreux Palace offers one of the best stays in the region. Every summer, Montreux gets funky thanks to the Montreux Jazz festival.
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Amazing musicians, music groups and literally Rock stars come to Montreux and play their very best music to the joy of the festival participants. So for the time of a music festival, the Fairmont Montreux Palace become the world HQ for great artists. From Tony Bennett, to Lenny Kravitz, Toto, Portishead, Lionel Ritchie and
others. Lionel Ritchie montreux 2015

The Fairmont Montreux Palace, a place to be since 1906

Montreux is a very charming place by the lake Geneva in Switzerland. It offers a great microclimate and the access to an amazing region full of natural richness and breathtaking landscapes. 2 people made Montreux famous. The first one was Rousseau, the French politician and philosopher. By the end of the 18th century he placed the scenery of his novel “La nouvelle Héloise” in Montreux. The second person was Lord Byron. The 19th century rediscovered the joys of being in the mountains. While big important cities were devastated by diseases, lack of hygiene and robery, people would escape to the mountains in order to discover a healthier environment. The 19th century also represented the birth period for Romanticism in literature, music and arts. Mountains and nature were a great source of inspiration for artists and Lord Byron was one of the leaders of this movement. He wrote a poem called “The Prisoner of Chillon”, in respect to the Chillon Castle close by Montreux. Lord Byron Chillon

Today, if you visit the castle you can still see a “B” engraved in one of the Castle pillars, done by Lord Byron himself. Thanks to this amazing advertising for the small alpine city, tourism started booming around 1850 and by the end of the 19th century, Montreux was known everywhere of the modern world.

In 1881, Alexandre Emery and Ami Chessex, buy the Hotel du Cygne and after some rework and building up new parts, the Montreux Palace was born. We were March 19th 1906. The new hotel was the place where rich, famous and powerful people from around the world would meet: rich American bankers, European aristocrats, Russian princes and even Indian Maharajahs. Everybody would come to Montreux Palace.

The Fairmont Montreux Palace today

After a long period during the 2 world wars, Montreux got back its farniente and collness thanks to the Montreux Jazz Festival founded in 1967 by Claude Nobs, Geo Voumard and René Lange. Since then, every year music artists come from all over the world to perform their best music. And all these happy people stay at the Montreux Palace. Since 2006, the Montreux Palace joined the Fairmont leading hotels and spa group and gained prestige and international dimension. The hotel became a leading reference, so there is always something going on there. This year, thanks to the Montreux Jazz Festival, you could meet in the lift Steven Lukathen, guitarist of Toto, Lenny Kravitz or even Lionel Ritchie group. With its 236 rooms and suites, restaurants, bars and spa, your stay will be as elegant as comfortable.
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Montreux palace five stars
No matter what you do you need to visit Montreux at least once in your life. The best way to enjoy it is to book a reservation at the Fairmont Montreux Palace. But be careful, you might want to come back again and again and again… Luxury addiction.


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