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The most luxurious of pastimes, superyacht charter experiences combine adventurous travel, indulgent relaxation and exhilarating thrills. There is no better way to experience an opulent lifestyle than by chartering a superyacht: friends and families can travel to exotic destinations while enjoying the five star service of a dedicated crew and the onboard features of a luxury vessel, from wellness suites to helipads and sundeck Jacuzzis. These features are complemented by a selection of luxurious finishing touches, which help to etch the yachting experience in one’s memory for eternity. Whether chartering a yacht in the Caribbean this winter or cruising in the Mediterranean, these three handpicked finishing touches are sure to enrich your luxury experience.


3) Caviar

Quintessentially luxurious, caviar is a staple of discerning tastes. The consumption of caviar is often associated with the most distinguished of celebrations: for centuries, caviar has been a means of characterising the most elegant soirees, the most celebrated occasions and the most decadent dinner parties. Perfect for elegant evenings in the main salon, or starlit festivities on the aft deck, caviar is a classy finishing touch to any superyacht charter. Boyar caviar – an international supplier of finely produced caviar – approaches the caviar making process with Russian heritage, tradition and quality in mind. The result is a distinctive taste of unsurpassable luxury that enriches any celebration.

boyar-caviar boyar-caviar2 caviar

2) Cigars

For those with a penchant for smoking, My Fathers Cigars are inimitable in quality and are made from a heritage that spans back to Cuba in the 1950s. Under the watchful eye of Jose Pepin Garcia, the founder of My Fathers Cigars, a team of rollers hand roll each cigar at the company’s headquarters in Miami. Crafted by artisans, each cigar offers unique aromas and evokes a sense of the exotic Cuban culture. Dine on fine food, prepared by the yacht’s private chef; sip champagne with friends and family in lavish surrounds; and finish each night with a special smoking experience under the stars on the yacht’s aft deck.

my-father-cigars myfathercigars

1) Fine Wine

The ultimate companion to any luxury yacht charter, fine wine enriches and complements the sumptuous cuisine served on board. From crisp whites to refreshing rosés and whole-bodied reds, different coloured wines are suitable for different occasions: sip rosé under the sunshine on the yacht’s sun deck, enjoy a cool glass of white with your seafood dinner, and indulge in the aromas of a red as the evening’s party gets underway. Based in the Mediterranean but covering Caribbean yacht charter too, the VSF Group specialises in providing fine wines to the yachting industry, offering knowledgeable advice and a solution to your requirements. Their knowledgeable team have a passion for fine wine in common, and utilise their experience to suggest the perfect tastes for your yacht charter.

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One of the vineyards VSF work with is Le Grand Cros. Set on 24 hectares of land in a stunning setting in Provence, Le Grand Cros is a family-run vineyard that produces many varieties of high quality wine for all occasions. Their L’Esprit de Provence Rosé has won several awards and has been voted as the best rosé in the world by Decanter magazine. With a refreshingly fruity and floral taste, the coveted wine is the perfect accompaniment to summertime charters.

grandcros-vineyards legrandcros-esprit-provence-rose-900x300


A superyacht experience is special in many ways but with exquisite details such as these, guests can enjoy even the simplest pleasures in complete luxury. Sample the high life with these exclusive finishing touches. To enquire about yachts for charter please contact Fraser Yachts.



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