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“Bubbly Breakfast” at the Lausanne Royal Savoy. When talent and creativity meet.

This morning there was only one place where LuxuryActivist could be. It is a exceptional place where luxury, art and know-how meet. This place is called the Lausanne Royal Savoy. Around this very...

The Finishing Touches to the Perfect Superyacht Experience

The most luxurious of pastimes, superyacht charter experiences combine adventurous travel, indulgent relaxation and exhilarating thrills. There is no better way to experience an opulent lifestyle than by chartering a superyacht: friends...

Damien Germanier, Culinary art at the service of your senses. – Nespresso Gourmet Weeks.

For Damien Germanier, his heart belongs to Valais. This talented Chef, not only applies his passion to his cooking but he also shares it with others thanks to the creation of cooking classes. Damien Germanier has a precise and detailed cooking. Full review.

Emporium Chair by Marco Costa. “Cutting” edge design.

Design was often made to serve functionality. But some talented designers bring something more. Boca do Lobo always proposes exclusive designs made by inspiring people. Discover the Emporium chair - limited edition...

Best Anti-Aging skincare for women

Spring is coming and after a cold winter, your skin got a hard time. Cold, wind and the natural aging effect due to nasty things like free-radicals. Now it is time to...

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