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If you are a super agent from the MI-6, or if you have the adventurous spirit or simply that you wish to carry your precious belongings with style, the new HENK Carbon Attaché is for you. In the past, fashion paid little attention to attaché cases. Nowadays, just like an aesthetic suit, a high-class attaché case is part of a stylish appearance. Whether in everyday office life, on a business trip, or on an airplane – a HENK Carbon Attaché allows an imposing impression of the owner’s personality. Like all HENK products, the HENK Carbon Attaché offers a wide range of personalization and design options among them, the especially robust edges in various colours.


The new Attaché will allow you to carry your personal precious belongings everywhere you wish. All with style and timeless elegance. Yet, a clever design and high-tech material makes this Attaché as probable the best in the market.

For an authentic agent feeling, the bulletproof model of this unique attaché case is equipped with an interior protection against up to 44 Magnum bullets – an exclusive feature not only secret servants of her majesty appreciate. After all, among its hard shell, the HENK Carbon Attaché has a smart interior with many exclusive design options. Once a mission is completed, the removable humidor allows you to end your journey with a classy cigar – whether your name is Bond or not.


With 1,600 – 2,500 g – depending on its equipment – the handcrafted unique case is extremely lightweight, despite its compact dimensions, and offers an incredible amount of space. In fact, the Carbon Attaché provides enough space to simultaneously accommodate a laptop sized up to 15”, an iPad, a removable humidor for up to 20 cigars and many other accessories. Its innovative interior design enables you to create more capacity at any time or hide important documents. The removable interior compartments for passport, ticket, tablet and writing utensils can be customised at your request. The HENK Carbon Attaché is a real smart case of unrivalled quality.



The interior has been designed to allow the tablet and writing implements, for example, to be discreetly stored behind the flexible rear panel. Flight tickets, passports and business cards are easily accessible from the front. Your laptop is stored securely under a false bottom. If desired, you can either remove this false bottom to create more space or simply turn it around and place it on the actual bottom of the briefcase.

  • 1 laptop up to 15″ (e.g. MacBook Pro)
  • 1 tablet (e.g. iPad Air or iPad mini)
  • Two writing implements
  • Flight tickets, passport and business cards
  • Also a file/folder (up to 4 cm in width) or alternatively a newspaper or magazine
  • Up to 2 Glasses cases or necessary power cables or chargers

For extremely security-conscious clients, we also offer the HENK Carbon Attaché as a bulletproof version. For this version, the attaché briefcase cover is fitted with a special 10 mm thick insert that can withstand a 9 mm para to .44 magnum calibre bullet impact from a range of 8 metres. While the high security standard of the HENK Carbon Bulletproof Attaché reduces the storage volume in the case lid slightly, it also increases the security of the content and its owner. The weight is increased by approximately 500 gr.

Henk creates prestigious, high-qualitative and elegant luggage and travel- cases. From its R&D department comes innovative materials, design and customization. The HENK product family offers countless personalization possibilities in terms of both outward appearance as well as interior finish and features. HENK products are also available in luxury department stores in Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK, the Arab Emirates, the USA, China and Australia. For more information or specific request do not hesitate to connect to the brand official website:


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