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Switzerland is the land of super millionnaires. More than 303 families in Switzerland have a total revenue of more than 100 million CHF. 122 of those families are billionnaires. So the luxury market in Switzerland is quite high. One of the leading segments of this market is luxury cars. Here is the top 10 most preferred luxury cars in Switzerland by number of cars in circulation (Source: Bilan).

#1 – Porsche, the iconic sports supercar.

With almost 40’000 cars in circulation in Switzerland last year, the Stuttgart automobile company had a net growth of +62% since 2007. Porsche has a strong and sustainable growth in Switzerland. 2014 was a record year with almost 3’000 new cars sold, which represents +29% vs 2013. Half of them were the new Macan, the new launch SUV by Porsche. knowing that 38% of car sales in the country are 4×4 wheels drive, Porsche definitely hit the right road with the Macan.


#2- Jaguar, the elegant animal.

Jaguar represents the British elegance at all levels with a sportive heart. Like the animal itself, the muscle power get in motion like a machine of pecision. All movements seems effortless and very elegant. Last year Jaguar was the second most sold brand in Switzerland with a total number of 17’363 cars in circulation. This is a +25% in 7 years. With the development of the XF 4×4, the XF Sportbreak, XJ 4×4 and the new F-Type, Jaguar has made its position much stronger in the helvetic market.

#3- Ferrari, Italian style for a Swiss aficionado.

With 6’123 cars in circulation in Switzerland last year, Ferrari is the 3rd most sold car in Switzerland. The Italian luxury company had a +25% increase since 2007. Switzerland is the 5th biggest market for Ferrari, behind the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Every year there are 300 Ferrari cars sold in Switzerland. When you know that Ferrari manufactures 7’000 cars per year, this represents almost 5% of global production.


#4- MG, we still wonder why?

In terms of cars in circulation, MG had in Switzerland around 5’618 cars. It is the 4th luxury car brand in Switzerland. The number of cars in circulation is pretty stable, only a drop of -8% in the past 7 years. We are not sure this brand will evolve positively in Switzerland as the brand excitement is dying.

#5- Cadillac, an American story.

With 4’000 cars in circulation in 2014, it is a very stable number of the past 7 years. Everybody knows the name of the company but very few know how the cars look like today. We all think about the Cadillac from the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s. So unless there is a renewal in the brand, things will stay pretty much the same for the moment.

#6- Maserati, the other Italian brand.

Maserati is often considered as the “other Italian car” when people compare it with Ferrari. Founded in 1914 in Bologna Italy, the company’s headquarters are now in Modena, and its emblem is a trident. It has been owned by the Italian car giant Fiat S.p.A. since 1993. Maserati was initially associated with Ferrari S.p.A., which is also owned by Fiat, but more recently it has become part of the sports car group including Alfa Romeo and Abarth (see section below). In May 2014, due to ambitious plans and product launches, Maserati sold a record of over 3,000 cars. This caused them to increase production of the Quattroporte and Ghibli models. In addition to the Ghibli and Quattroporte, Maserati offers the Maserati GranTurismo, the GranTurismo Convertible, and has confirmed that it will be offering the Maserati Levante, the first Maserati SUV, in 2015, and the Maserati Alfieri, a new 2+2 in 2016. Maserati is placing a production output cap at 75,000 vehicles globally. In Switzerland, there were 3’971 cars in circulation in 2014, which is a net increase of 74% compared to 2007. Maserati is investing quite a lot in Switzerland as the luxury market might fit to the Trident brand.


#7- Aston Martin, the James Bond car forever.

You cannot see an Aston Martin pass by the street without looking at it. The engine’s sound and the look will definitely capture your attention. It is the iconic James Bond car since always. Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers. It was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The firm became associated with luxury grand touring cars in the 1950s and 1960s, and with the fictional character James Bond following his use of a DB5 model in the 1964 film Goldfinger. In Switzerland, there are 2’845 cars in circulation in 2014 which is +125% compared to 2007. This the strongest increase of all brands in the Swiss market.


#8- Bentley, elegance and power.

Bentley Motors Limited is a British registered company that designs, develops, and manufactures Bentley luxury motorcars which are largely hand-built. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. Now based in Crewe, England, Bentley Motors Limited was founded by W. O. Bentley on 18 January 1919 in Cricklewood, North London. Bentley cars are sold via franchised dealers worldwide, and as of November 2012, China was the largest market. In Switzerland had 2´739 Bentley cars in circulation last year. It is an increase of +68% and it goes along the ambition of the company. Worldwide, Bentley produces 10’120 units per year and their aim is to reach more than 20’000 units. So the tremendous increase in Switzerland is aligned with the global evolution.

#9- Triumph, past glory that marked our minds.

The Triumph Motor Company was a British car and motor manufacturing company. The Triumph marque (trade-name) is owned currently by BMW. The marque had its origins in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann (1863–1951) of Nuremberg formed S. Bettmann & Co and started importing bicycles from Europe and selling them under his own trade name in London. The trade name became “Triumph” the following year, and in 1887 Bettmann was joined by a partner, Moritz (Maurice) Schulte, also from Germany. In 1889 the businessmen started producing their own bicycles in Coventry, England.Triumph cars in circulation are pretty stable. In Switzerland there were 2’724 cars in circulation last year to 2650 in 2007. Pretty stable.

#10- Pontiac, the end?

Pontiac was a brand of automobiles manufactured and sold by General Motors (GM); though production ended in 2009, Pontiac remains a registered and active trademark of GM. The Pontiac automobile brand was established in 1926 as a companion make for GM’s more expensive line of Oakland automobiles. In 2014, there were 2’154 Pontiac cars in circulation in 2014, it represents a drop of -57% vs 2007. For sure since the production stopped, we imagine the cars will disappear apart some collector items.



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