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What we like with the Fine spirits industry is that every single detail is at its maximum, so we see true luxury brands doing what they know at its best. Discover this month Vallure Vodka, a hundred years of know-how delivered in a 24 karat gold bottle. Impressive.

Inspired by a hundred years of Germany heritage in which precision and quality are key, Vallure Vodka is the ultimate luxury spirit. It has a high level multi-distillation. It follows a genuine triple-gold-filtering process. Vallure Vodka is produced with uncompromising quality and strong requirements.

The Vallure bottle is crafted with the integrity of high-end jewelry and Vallure Vodka prides itself in maintaining the only ‘Gold Standard of Vodka’, ensuring every 750mL of Vallure Vodka is represented by a gold bottle.


The Vallure bottle is packaged in a two-part black shell with a red velvet interior, a design greatly influenced by the last two centuries of aristocratic Eastern Europe. The packaging fits firmly around the Vallure bottle and is secured by the golden Vallure seal.


In order to value and highlight the amazing luxury process to obtain such exquisite Vodka, the brand placed the precious liquid in a true 24 karat bottle. It makes it as the most impressive luxury experience. The world of luxury Spirits is a multi-sensorial world in which all senses are stimulated.



Vallure’s founders, Andre Stahmer, Axel Stahmer and Q Ladraa declared: “They represent some of the nation’s top spirits and luxury products.”


The Vallure Distillery is located in Berlin, Germany and has been producing vodka for over a hundred years. At the turn of the twentieth century the distillery produced vodka for the Czars, who were the highest-ranking officials in Russia and known for their connoisseurship in vodka.

Tasting notes: It is an incredibly smooth and subtle spirit, with a wisp of natural herbs and a soothing, simple aftertaste.

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