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“Adversity is the parent of virtue”, popular culture tends to say. While Pandemics is still out there and the world has been experiencing its biggest economic crisis, some people believe that innovation, creativity, and know-how are the leading driving force in the future. No matter how you do things, the truth will always surface. Meet VERAX, a Swiss-based company that was born from the 2020 chaos.

VERAX: verax, veracis, veracium

VERAX combines urban cultures to create ultra-limited edition goods conceptualized by an anonymous group and carried out through provocative and frank communication.

Photo: Courtesy of VERAX

Street culture, the offspring of urban imagination, has infiltrated the world in 2021 with fashion, art, and music. VERAX internalizes this modern reality and reimagines it in the form of a true luxury streetwear concept with a clear message that refuses to succumb to marketing nonsense. The aim is to market goods in ultra-limited editions, often as little as one single item—a provocative marketing campaign based on uniqueness. The VERAX 420-V01.01, a Swiss Made watch with a unique look, kicks off the range.

The VERAX 420-V01.01: When James Bond Goes Fast & Furious

According to the Swiss Watchmaking Federation, there are 350 brands producing watches under the “swiss-made” flag. So you could argue why do we need another Swiss watch brand, right? The answer will always be: “it depends” (which is very Swiss, by the way). VERAX is more than a watchmaker. It is a true street lifestyle brand that builds a strong universe, from which the first chapter is a watch. This watch was born outside of the overrun grounds.

Photo: Courtesy of VERAX
Photo: Courtesy of VERAX
Photo: Courtesy of VERAX
Photo: Courtesy of VERAX

With a rather assertive look, this watch cannot leave us indifferent. It has all the clear codes of the Swiss-made watch, a robust movement and a very street look. It will go wherever you go, as long as you have the courage!

The VERAX 420-V01.01 will be sold exclusively online in an initial series of 500 items. The Swiss quartz chronograph movement is housed in the 43mm diameter case. With its striking style, sophisticated details, and coveted Swiss Made label, the timepiece stands out. But it’s the bracelet that stands out the most – a real statement from the VERAX brand that reaffirms its message. In terms of tech specs, please see here the list:

  • Case: Stainless Steel Fire Black
  • Dial: Grained Dark Black & White Snow
  • Strap: VERAX Rubber Strap
  • Movement: Chronograph Quartz Ronda Z3 – Swiss Made
  • Glass: K1 Cristal
  • Water Resistance: 10 Bars / 100 Meters
  • Case Size: 43mm
  • Wrist Size: 15-21mm / 6-8 Inches
  • Limited Edition: Only 500 pieces available (numbered)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Swiss-Made
  • Suggested Retail Price: CHF 780.00

The watch is very robust, and it was built not to disappoint. No matter if you are rushing to work or slaloming between cars, or simply walking around listening to your preferred music, this watch is a perfect match.

Photo: Courtesy of VERAX
Photo: Courtesy of VERAX

The Chrono black look offers a modern, sleek and powerful identity to this watch. It will attract a younger audience and all passionate people of street culture. The watch is only available on the brand e-shop that you can find here: Modern economy obliges: VERAX accepts payments in Bitcoins and Monero.

Arsène Wargas
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