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Is there any limits to rich people? Sometimes we might wonder if their only limit would be the boundaries of imagination.Abu Dhabi is a dream destination. Hotels look amazing… if you are ready to pay the price. Two years ago, The Emirates Palace, one of the most luxurious hotel in the region, offered the most expensive holiday package ever: 1 million dollars for a week formula.

Of course for this price you will have the finest suite. If you calculate, it is only 143,000 $ per day…!

This week, the Emirates Palace innovates thanks to a real Gold vending machine. They are the first hotel in the world to propose such service. In the Hotels hall, you can find a vending machine that will allow you to buy gold, from coins to small 10g bars. More and more vending machines are being used to allow clients to buy anything from anywhere at anytime. In Europe and in the USA we know that we can buy an iPod or perfumes… but Gold… not yet. Once again, the innovation and the extreme luxury ideas came from the Oil Area. The Shiny machine, gold plated itself, is called “Gold to Go”. It offers 320 different possibilities and especially your logo printed on the gold bars… I would buy a gold bar with my name on it! The price of gold, which was up to $1,245 an ounce yesterday, is measured by the machine every ten minutes. So, for a 10g gold bar you will need to pay around 450 US$. Gold To Go was developed by German inventor Thomas Geissler, and the first machines debuted last year in Frankfurt’s Airport. The Emirates Palace is the first location outside Germany to install a Gold to Go machine. Abu dhabi is really part of daily news. After the Louvre museum construction there, the Formula one racing circuit and now this, we can say this city looks for a “golden” future. Abu Dhabi is definitely written in my list of top cities I want to visit.