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La Prairie Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, precious beauty jewel.

La Prairie is one of the most iconic luxury beauty brand and every beauty treatment is a true self-indulgence. This year they are launching a new amazing product called Cellular Radiance Perfect Fluide Pure Gold.

Ritani Engagement Rings

A relative newcomer to the fine jewelry space, Ritani, founded in 1999, has in a short time established a name and reputation that has become the envy of the high-end jewelry trade. If...

The Beauty of Colored Diamonds

Over the past few years, fancy color diamonds have forged a path into the consciousness of the public, making up for the centuries whereby they have been the preserve solely of nobility,...

Hublot has a gold “cup”

To celebrate the great partnership Hublot and the Soccer world cup have, the famous swiss watch brand is launching a new limited edition called Classic Fusion Gold World Cup. Only 100 pieces will be available in the world. A great work and usage of Gold. Here are the technical aspects, for the connaisseurs

Want to buy Gold in a vending machine?

Is there any limits to rich people? Sometimes we might wonder if their only limit would be the boundaries of imagination. This week, the Emirates Palace innovates thanks to a real Gold vending machine.

The most expensive iPhone ever…

The iPhone 3G S Supreme. This iPhone boasts of 271 grams of 22ct solid gold and the front bezel is adorned with 136 flawless diamonds which amounts to a total of 68 cts.

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