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If you have enough of music mainstream and you want to listen to real deep talent, you need to discover Ango, a true talented vocalist and musician. His real name is Andrew Gordon Macpherson and he is Canadian from Montreal.

Ango_Andrew Gordon Macpherson

How to define his music? Andrew Macpherson likes minimalism. Less is more. His music is a clever blend between a clean Pop, with Light-House and Transe undertones. Could we say electro-Pop. Not so sure as Ango has a sound of its own. It explores the deepest part of the artist mind. From neo-nostalgia towards a more sharp sound, it uses the best from each style of music. His voice is purely hypnotic, very Thom Yorke style but less tortured. You can for the time of a song, forget your surroundings and open the field of imagination.

Ango_live Ango_live

You need to be a fine hear to accomplish this result. Check here the single True Blue, produced by Jacques Greene (House and Garage DJ from Montreal).

A first album called Another City Now was produced and launched in 2011 under the label LuckyMe, a specialized UK label in new electronic hip hop, pop, rock and underground dance music. We could feel already the specific hypnotic voice of Macpherson with a new generation of sound.
Ango Another City now album

Ango performed a couple of times for the BBC and you can find some videos and sounds from these performances.

A year later, Ango come up with a new mixtape, Serpentine. Serpentine is definitely the album that settles the identity of Ango. Not only the vocal signature but clearly the universe in which Macpherson will drive you in.

Ango Serpentine
10 tracks produced with a fine team. Jacques Greene, Kuedo, Numan, Mike Din and Prison Garde & Earnes. Each track is an exploration of sounds. From funky soul to electro-pop. The last track, called Get out of my life has even a sample of Norma’s Casta Diva, the Bellini Opera. In order to make the most of people to listen to it, Ango allow the free legal download of the entire album from his website. Something you would never see from a major label. You can download the album here: 

You can also follow Ango on social media: 

Ango chases the rain away and put you in a good mood. Just tune on and relax. 



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