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We all remember Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara on the epic movie of El Comandante’s life. We now wonder which icon, which symbol will be used. I would bet for Jimi Hendrix. In deed, we all look for a hero. But this hero can not be created by marketing, it must be a true hero, a true legend.
Jimi Hendrix Experience 2010

A few years ago we got Jimmy Morrison, Gandhi, Jesus Christ himself, Mandela… So now who is the next one ? Which Rebel should we rediscover, and especially the below 20 years old ? I say Jimi Hrendrix. Why ?

1- Because everyboby is talking more and more about him
2- Because they remastered this year the Jimi Hendrix Experience album
3- There is a Revival 2010 tour about it with several famous guitarists
4- Because he is a true Rebel.
5- 70’s are always back!

So, for all these reasons and also because I love Jimi Hendrix, I want to bet that soon, we will see his life adapted to the cinema, lots of DVD’s of his mythicals concerts (Woodstock?) and then a TV serie.
Who should play Hendrix in a movie ?