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Hi, I will not talk about Justin Bieber because there are already too many people doing it. I will not say he got shot in a TV show, and that this week he cut his legendary hair to adopt a more growing teenager behaviour. No, I prefer to hook your attention on his Youtube videos. Youtube just released the top 10 most viewed videos of all times and guess what? Justin Bieber has 3 videos in that ranking. Here are the 3 videos. Adding all three, we confirm that Justin Bieber got almost 1 Billion viewers, which is basically the entire world Internet population. Of course we believe it is always the same people watching it again and again, but, this is just crazy. With only one single video, he got the most viewed ever with almost half billion viewers.

BABY Ft. Ludacris – 470’299’594 viewers since 19.february 2010.

ONE TIME – 219’819’081 viewers since 24.november 2009

NEVER SAY NEVER, Ft. Jaden Smith – 155’604’508 viewers since 27.may 2010

Enjoy as long as it is possible because Trends come in and trends go away…