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We all remember the youtube big hit “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey in 2011. It was the moment in which the world discovered American singer Lana Del Rey. Music critics had some concerns saying she was a “Justin Bieber for adults”. Well, they were wrong.

Born to Die, heavenly perfect

With the launch of her first album “Born to die”, well, we realized those music critics were just… Jealous. The album was the perfect match between an amazing recording voice, talented proved producers, outstanding musicians and great lyrics. You can read our review here.
Born to Die sold by June 2014 more than 3.4 million copies in the world. It was definitely a big hit.
Lana del rey Born to die
Lana Del Rey was satellized from her hometown anonymous status to the rank of worldwide rockstar in weeks.
She started then hundreds of concerts around the world and reached the recognition of her pairs at many levels. She is a hard working girl. She knew she was an amazing recording voice yet there were a lot of work for the live scene. Only one solution: work, work, work… Which she did. 2.5 years after the launch of the first album, Lana Del Rey comes back with a new album called Ultraviolence. And this time everybody agrees to say it is a great album.

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey, the sad Marilyn we love…

Lana del rey Ultraviolence
With the launch of Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey becomes the true representative of this West coast sound. Every melody and chorus are simply beautiful. There is a matter of high aesthetics in every song that can only be pure gold for our ears.
Lana Del Rey voice is as hypnotic as well placed. We feel she knows much more how to use her voice. There is a soft-strong energy that brings clarity and uniqueness to each note.
It was via Twitter that Lana Del Rey announced her collaboration with the leading guitar and voice of Black Keys: Dan Auerbach.
11 songs that will portrait you a mythical picture of a “sad Marilyn” as glamorous as dark. We are completely in a phantasm between nostalgia, sexyness and a good dose of lay-back-west-coast.

lana del rey ultraviolence cover

lana del rey ultraviolence mood
Here is the song tracklist:
1. Cruel World
2. Ultraviolence
3. Shades of Cool
4. Brooklyn Baby
5. West Coast
6. Sad Girl
7. Pretty When You Cry
8. Money Power Glory
9. Fucked My Way Up To Top
10. Old Money
11. The Other Woman

One interesting fact in this album is that Lana Del Rey wanted to work with Lou Reed as she was a big fan of him. When she took the plane to meet him in New york, he died that same day and she never managed to work with him. In order to remind him and honor him, she wrote Brooklyn Baby.
This new album explores all this amazing imaginary universe of glamor and fate that categorized Marilyn Monroe at the end of her life and that settled the iconic myth for ever in our minds.
Lana Del Rey is an artist that shapes, plays and structure her universe in a very unique and precise way. Every detail is taken in consideration and she proposes an amazing portrait, probably one of her own or at least inside the character she built in the past 2 years. It is definitely an album for this summer and beyond.


Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence new album cover

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