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When we think everything was invented and that there is no room anymore in the music industry, there are little miracles. This one here is called LOUD LUXURY.

From Ontario To Los Angeles And To The World, With Love.

Loud Luxury is a duo of DJs from Ontario. When Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace met, they had a common passion for sounds and music. They met at school and very fast they got together to create music. The first songs arrived in 2016 but it was in 2017 where they had a defining moment by remixing the Martin Garrix single “Scared to Be Lonely“.

At the end of college, the duo moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue their dreams as Music makers and producers. 2018 is an important year as they release a single called “Body“. The single ranked immediately in the billboard charts in the top50.

Money was tight and we lived in a one-bedroom apartment which happened to be Charles Manson’s old place in the ’60s, basically eating oatmeal every day. Our main hustle was going on SoundCloud all day and messaging artists we were excited about to try and write music together.” – Loud Luxury

This success was a tremendous positive news in the history of the group. After some hard times, things started paying. Body is currently reaching 30 million streams on Spotify and it is getting to everywhere in the world.

Loud Luxury, Today The United States, Tomorrow: The World.

With a great radio and album success, now it is the perfect time to go on tour. First things first: the United States and Canada. Here are some key tour dates:

  • February 14th – Vulcan Gas Company, Austin TX, USA
  • February 15th – Hakkasan, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA
  • February 22nd – Pure Nightclub, Sunnyvale, USA
  • February 23rd – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico
  • February 24th – Longhorn Saloon, Whistler, Canada
  • March 1st – The Grand, Boston, USA
  • March 22nd –  Ravine, Atlanta, USA


It is going to be an interesting tour as there is a great mix of festivals, nightclubs, small towns, and big ones. Going back to Canada, their homeland will also be a great moment. If you wish to discover this group, check here their music in the mainstreaming platforms:

Loud Luxury is more than just a summer fire, they are here to stay and we cannot wait to see them in Europe next year. In the meantime you can follow me about Loud Luxury here: 

Jose Amorim

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