Beauty spot: luxury lip balm

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Pucker up: luxury lip balms. Photograph: Observer

“More moisture is lost through the lips than through any other part of the face or body,” NHS Choices tells me – forgetting, I imagine, those of us that wee. I’m not great with science. But chapped lips are horrid. Horrid. They make you want to lick them, which just makes them dryer. They make you want to pick at the dry skin, which just makes them bleed. It takes serious, steady application of a good lip balm to get them soft again – you’ll probably have to try a couple before you find one that you really like. One that doesn’t leave your lips sparkly, or white, or tasting of poison. My current favourite is Clinique’s Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment (21,, which looks like a lipstick but feels like being rescued.

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Beauty spot: luxury lip balm


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