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To celebrate London Fashion Week and the launch of AnOther and Dazed‘s new issues, we threw a house ball. Guests gathered for dinner in Caf Royal’s Grill Room for dinner, before walking through a visually dreamy environment created by installation artist Matthew Stone, to the Member’s Club upstairs. There, guests enjoyed Belevedere on tap, and got down as NYC DJ/producer MikeQ and House of Trax’s Fools and Rushmore played a thrilling and varied mix of ballroom house and R&B. Cries of “Can I get some fries with that shake,” accompanied a catwalk invasion of vogue dancers, who dipped and clicked through the crowd. As NYC’s ballroom revivalist DJ/producer MikeQ told us that night: “Voguing never really went away.”

Dazed’s favourite provocatrice rap princess Brooke Candy took to the stage around midnight, wearing her signature stacked trainers and gold armour as she performed ‘Everybody Does’ and ‘Das Me,’ to the assembled throng as revellers danced until the Ball closed its doors. We can safely report that no shade was thrown.

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Dazed’s House Ball