Empress Of – Champagne

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With only a handful of songs finished but a huge catalogue of recorded snippets released as a ‘Colourminutes‘ series on YouTube, Empress Of is admittedly still developing her sound. So far however, it’s been a delightful mix of abstract lo-fi retro sounds and glistening melodies with a nostalgic feel. Her delicate, feminine vocals are intricately weaved with faded synths and trippy percussion in her latest tracks Don’t Tell Me and Champagne which you can exclusively download here.

Dazed Digital: How would you introduce your music to those who don’t know?
Empress Of: I would hope that my music sounds as confusing to me as it does to others. I’m still developing a sound, whether on recording or at a live show, so I feel sometimes like there are a lot of good clashing elements in my music. Simple at times, but then intricate vocal melodies creep up from behind with ultra-present guitar parts or synths. It’s definitely feminine, and even more definitively emotional.


Empress Of – Champagne


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