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When you decide to buy a luxury watch, you need to know how to take care of it properly to ensure its longevity. Proper maintenance and care of your watch will extend its life and keep you from wasting money. If you fail to take care of your luxury watch, you will have wasted your hard-earned money on an expensive item that you will discard after a short time. Your luxury watch must have come with an instruction manual that details how you should care for your watch. However, every watch is different, so you need to pay attention to what yours can and cannot withstand. Your instruction manual should tell you how to set your watch and look after it.

If your watch has any special instructions, you should find out when shopping from sites such as watchshopping. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your luxury watch:


You need to avoid leaving your watch in extreme temperatures such as freezing cold and high heat for long periods. If you plan to live in an environment with extreme temperatures, you need to purchase a watch that can handle those conditions. Extreme cold can make your watch show the wrong time while extreme heat can shorten the life of your quartz watch’s battery.


When buying a luxury watch, you need to check how water resistant it is. If you want a watch that you can wear to the swimming pool, you should shop for one that is water resistant. Waiting until you expose it to water is the worst time to test its water resistance. Make sure that you buy a luxury watch that is made specifically for swimming and diving if you spend a lot of time underwater.

If your watch encounters more water than it should, you should take it to a specialist who can look at it. The specialist can look it over and tell you whether the damage is fixable and how much the repair will cost.

Avoid Contact

You need to keep your watch away from harmful chemicals, gases, as well as solvents. These compounds can lead to damage, discoloration, and deterioration of your watch. Some watches cannot withstand static electricity or strong electric fields, so you should avoid wearing your watch in environments with such things.

Household items do not pose a threat to your luxury watch. Therefore, you can leave it at home when going to places with harmful chemicals and strong electric fields.

Salt Water

Salt water poses a bigger threat to your luxury watch than fresh water. It can cause your watch to corrode. Therefore, you need to be sure that your luxury watch will not corrode before wearing it in salty water environments such as the beach.


Another factor that you should consider is the amount of shock that your watch can withstand. If you like to run, you should buy a watch that can withstand the shock of running or leave your luxury watch at home. You should ask the person selling the watch how much shock it can withstand or test it for yourself.


When cleaning your watch, you should do so with care. If you are not sure about the water resistance level of your watch, you should take it to a professional. Water getting inside the case can be very damaging and this can happen when you fail to screw in the crown.

You can use brushes, mild soaps, soft cloths, and other cleaning agents to wipe away the dirt and oil on the surface of your luxury watch. However, you should be careful to avoid using cleaning materials that can scratch or corrode your timepiece. If you do not have knowledge about the interior of your watch, you should not try to open it.

You should not open and close the case of your watch like the hood of a car because doing so might void its warranty. Opening the case can make it less water-resistant and it might not keep out dust.


When it comes to caring for your luxury timepiece, you need to insure it and keep it inside a safe when not in use. If you are not wearing it on your wrist, you should keep it out of sight to prevent theft. You should buy a watch case to store your timepiece if you want to prevent scratches and settling of dust. If you have a safe, it would be better to store your luxury watch inside for safekeeping.



The above tips will help you to take care of your luxury watch. The last thing that you want is for it to be stolen or damaged. You should also take your timepiece to a specialist for servicing to ensure that it is in pristine condition.

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