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Mixing a soundtrack of Oasis, Blur and a symphony of bagpipes – it was clear there was a real clash of references at Moschino this season. There were micro tartan kilts, double-breasted riding jackets and fringe-heavy suede coats, all given Moschino attitude with the inclusion of oversized gold earrings and gold studded embellishments.

The mini and at times, box-like silhouettes echoed the luxury teenage power dressing of the 90s. Shut up! We’re, like, so talking the wardrobe of (now classic) movie ‘Clueless’. Whilst this season’s colour palette developed with each look, moving from pop reds, to forest greens into a monochromatic ending of black on white.

However, Clueless in the dictionary sense of the word, this was not, with a very considered take on the extra details; the bow ties, the pussy bows and embroidered gold Moschino crests. The fringed leather pouches slung round the waist and the tartan trimmed hats told the story of an Italian Highland fling.

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Moschino AW13