Sisley 2012 Super Soin Self-tanning skin care.

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Sisley never sleeps. It is what we could say about the brand huge capability to create new products.Here is the SUPER SOIN Self-Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care by Sisley.


We know, the success key for a perfect tanning, is hydration and protection. And sometimes when you want to look good and well tanned, you risk your skin under too much sun at one shot. Sisley brings today a solution for you.
Sisley offers a new self-tanning treatment for the face, to brighten the skin without any risks and deliciously hydrated while protecting it of free radicals.

2 main molecules for a perfect tan: DHA and Erythrulose. The first one brings a quick result, already within the first 2 hours after the application. The second one, will prolong the action during several days.

Some Self-tanning products are often said to be dry out the skin. For this self-tanner”new generation”, Sisley drew on the formula of anti-aging HYDRA-GLOBALactive hydrating plant, to provide flexibility, comfort and radiance to the skin.

Wild Pansies extract, rich in oligosaccharides and CHESTNUT extract,rich in galacturonic acids promote circulation and retention of water in the skin.
The extract of stevia leaf, vegetable glycerin and phytosqualane provide the skin comfort, softness and hydration.
To complete this hydrating, Super Hydrating Self-Tanning Face Carecontains an active duo made ​​up of the extract Alkekengi Calyx – exclusiveSisley – for its anti-radical and anti-collagenase and an anti-oxidant: ACETATE VITAMIN E.

Supersoin Autobronzant visage HD

So with this product, it is like wearing Spring on your skin.

Available from March 2012 in all Sisley official point of sales. 60ML and Recommended retail price is CHF122 (120$).


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