The Beauty spot: bubble bath

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bubble bath

Tangy tub: soak it up with Philosophy’s pink grapefruit bubble bath. Photograph: Observer

I have approx two baths a year. Which is not to say I am filthy. It’s not to say that, no. I am clean. Clean enough, anyway. But for me, baths only come into their own at times like this; times when the sky is as dark as a mood and the only good place to be is submerged in perfumed water. Bubbles you need: lots of bubbles. And a podcast playing, telling you stories. And a towel on the radiator. For the listening I’d recommend the New Yorker fiction podcast; for the towel I’d recommend one that’s been through several washes and has a bit of fight left in it, and for the bubbles I’d recommend Philosophy’s Blushing Pink Grapefruit bubble bath (14, which is gorgeously unsweet. Now go – bathe.


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The Beauty spot: bubble bath


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