The New YSL – Saint Laurent Paris

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A new era for legendary fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has begun. Top designer Hedi Slimane, YSL’s new and talented creative director, has decided to change the brand’s name to Saint Laurent Paris. This extreme and surprising move is just one part of the plan to bring new spirit and fresh designs to the rejuvenated brand.

When Hedi Slimane took over Stefano Pilati’s chair as the new creative director at Yves Saint Laurent back in March, a wind of change filled the air. Now the actual changes are taking place. The talented and innovative designer has decided to change the legendary brand’s name to a more casual and playful one. So, from now on – Yves Saint Laurent – OUT. Saint Laurent Paris – IN!

According to WWD, the new name should be implemented within a few months. By the time Slimane will reveal his Spring/Summer 2013 collection, the new name will replace the old one.

Though the new name came as a surprise, it matches Slimane’s plans to bring new spirit to the ancient fashion house. Freedom, youth and modernity are the designer’s new themes. But those themes are not going to replace the components that inspired legendary Yves Saint Laurent, the founder of the fashion house. According to Slimane, those inspirations will remain, but with a new twist that can draw a young and new crowd.

As remembered, in 1996 Slimane was the director of the YSL men’s ready-to-wear line. After the debut of his successful “Black Tie” collection, he chose to leave the brand in favour of another top French label Christian Dior Homme. In 2007 he decided to make another career turn and went back to his first love – photography.

Nowadays Hedi Slimane is working on his first ready-to-wear collection as Saint Laurent Paris’s creative director. The highly-anticipated collection will be revealed during the upcoming Paris Fashion Week. This fashion week will start on September 25th and will be over 8 days later, on October 3rd.

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The YSL of Yesteryear

Do you remember Yves St. Laurent in its heyday? Will Hedi Slimane be able to rejuvenate the brand and bring it back to the glory of its former years?

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The New YSL – Saint Laurent Paris


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