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Why Do Suits Suit You

Whether you’re going to a job interview or meeting a potential romantic partner, the clothes that you wear will likely have a major impact on how people perceive you. The old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” may be true, but in everyday life people consistently judge you based on your appearance. Choosing a suit and tie in today’s casual world of attire can give you an edge over your competition for several reasons:

Why You Should Dress Formally

A suit is the standard for situations such as job interviews and court appearances. One of biggest reasons to dress formally is that potential employers and others view you as being more professional than if you were wearing casual clothing. A well-fitting jacket and tie are perceived as being positive in the workplace, or, at the very worst, as neural style clothing that simply portrays a working class citizen.

In some situations, the neural style of a suit is important when you want to showcase your accomplishments or talents rather than emphasizing your individuality. A suit is recognized as a symbol of success around the world. By dressing in something as simple as a Brooks Brothers suit, you are allowing others to see you as someone who is successful, professional, and secure in their individuality.


Choosing Your Suit

The classic dark suit paired with a crisp white shirt and striped tie is one of the best choices for men. Women who are seeking the same professional appearance should also opt for these traditional color choices in a formal women’s business suit to have the greatest impact. Dark colors, like navy blue and black, are established in the psyche of people around three globe as being authoritative and powerful. Accent colors can be anything you choose, but in the professional world darker colors like deep red convey more authority than bright colors like yellow. Putting together your wardrobe is actually very simple when your daily attire is formal.

Pairing 1818 Suits from Brooks Brothers in deep navy with a power tie is the perfect ensemble for a job interview. Charcoal grey is slightly less formal and can also be worn in situations that require making a positive first impression. Navy tends to be the most appealing because it is associated with people in positions of power and authority, such as police wearing uniforms. Lighter colors, such as tan and light gray, are excellent colors for situations when you are working in a group since these colors are more approchable than dark colors.

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Getting Comfortable

Wearing a suit is one of the first steps you can easily make to change the first impression others have about you. For the best effect, try wearing a suit that has been professionally fitted to ensure you look your absolute best. Since formal jacket and the outfits are almost universally acceptable attire for any event, you can also transition from the workplace to evening gatherings without the worry of running to change clothes. A suit is a must-have when you want to make the best first impression possible wherever you are going to be.

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