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Most people who have to travel a lot on business will agree that one of the very few perks of having to stay away from your home often is the luxury of sleeping in a five-star hotel bed. There is just something about those beds that we can’t seem to find in our own, but that can be changed though. It is possible to bring the luxurious comfort of a hotel bed to your own if you just know how, and we are about to tell you.

Go All White

A hotel bed is not only about how it feels, but also about how it looks and that cloud-like feeling begins with going all white. Aside from being the first step in creating that 5-star hotel bed you want, white pillowcases and bed sheets are also a lot easier to clean, so there’s that added advantage.

The Right Sheets

The silky sheets which makes those hotel beds all the more comfy are not picked at random and good hotels have very strict requirements for them. While picking out your sheets, you need to look for two features primarily and they are as follows:

  • Every sheet you buy should preferably have a thread-count of around 300
  • Cotton is the way to go and Egyptian cotton sheets are what most five-star hotels buy for their beds
  • Microfiber is not going to cut it here

The Right Mattress

Now, we come to the most important part of making a luxurious bed and that’s selecting the right mattress. Here, you actually have an advantage over hotel rooms because you will have the freedom to choose one according to your own specific needs, while the hotel beds are always the same for everyone. Sticking with a feather bed will make the bed super-fluffy, but since you will be sleeping in that bed every night, you might want to find something that’s fluffy as a cloud, but also provides your spine with some support in accordance with your sleeping habits. Thanks to Sleep Sherpa, you don’t have to go to an actual store and try out a bunch of mattresses anymore to find the right product for you. They are an extensive online resource for all things related to bedding and especially mattresses, so do check them out before investing into a product.

Getting Your Pillows Sorted

Add at least two down pillows and two fiber-fill pillows to your bed so that you can choose between them, depending on the need of the moment. For example, feather filled down pillows are comfortable for sleeping or resting while lying down, but if you need a bit of support while sitting on your bed, the microfibers will be perfect for propping you up.

These tips are enough to cover the main aspects of bringing five-star comfort to your bedroom, but you can still add one more feature to your bedding for give it that ultimate finishing touch; a fluffy, down comforter. After that, you are done and you may actually start missing your bed while on those long business tours away from home!

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