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Your bedroom is a space where you spend a significant portion of your day relaxing and sleeping, so it should be a peaceful sphere where you can unwind and feel comfortable. Adding a touch of luxury can help turn your bedroom into of haven there to welcome you when you’re ready to end the day and fall asleep. You’ll be familiar with the smooth sheets and soft pillows of a luxury hotel room, so afford yourself this same luxury in your own home and create the perfect bedroom complete with indulgent comforts and finishing touches. So, to achieve your own grand and lavish bedroom, below are four tips to help you on your way.

Invest In Quality

Luxury can come with a price tag, and that’s often because you’re in fact paying for quality. If you invest now, then you should be able to reap the rewards in the future as there’s less need to replace tired pieces of furniture and threadbare materials. When it comes to your bedroom, you want the best to find you drift off to sleep peacefully and get a well-earned rest, so don’t scrimp when you add a touch of luxury and bliss to your bedroom. Start by sourcing the bed and then the bedclothes to follow. The bed is the central focal point of the room so it should be standing proud and looking pretty. Consider getting a large oak bed, such as those available from Revival Beds, and purchasing Egyptian cotton bedclothes with the highest thread count you can find.

Keep It Simple

Keep the design of your bedroom sleek and avoid clutter. Your bedroom should be kept minimal in design and this, in turn, will be conducive to sleep. Keep it classic and chic and avoid bright, colourful displays. Simplicity is going to help you achieve a luxurious feel so take note. Use simple scents in your bedroom and avoid harsh smelling cleaning products. Instead, favour using naturally sourced ones. Light candles in your bedroom and make sure your bedroom smells heavenly. Again, steer clear of overpowering scents and stick with soothing lavender and orange blossom aromas.

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture allows you to bring your tastes and styles to reality as you design furniture individual to you. Having furniture that no one else has makes it feel special, and you can have free rein on how you want to look and feel. You can add gold and chrome finishes wherever you choose, so make sure you’ve got a vision of how you want to showcase your unique style.

Add A Splash Of Decadence

Adding decadence doesn’t need to come at a steep cost, and if you’ve got a clever eye, you should be able to source beautiful pieces for less. The shabby chic look has long been favoured by the design conscious so think about incorporating this into your bedroom if you haven’t already. Some tasteful and handmade earthenware plants pots can house an array of tall plants and think about adding fresh bouquets in your bedroom at least every week. To keep your bedroom feeling light, fresh and airy stick to painting in muted colours and adding brighter colour with details. Finishing touches make all the difference so if you’re not sure about where to go, contact an interior designer who can help you achieve your luxurious and dream bedroom.


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